April showers bring May flowers, or may grass we hope.

April showers bring May flowers, or may grass we hope. Monday was a rainy day. Kaine was supposed to start baseball practice Monday, but was rained out. Toni checked Monday morning, nothing new as of Monday AM. Anna still had tennis practice, but it was inside in the gym. Toni was in a meeting when I got off of work, so Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I did chores and checked the sheep. Anna, Toni and I went out to check Monday night, still nothing.

FINALLY on Tuesday we have a new foal, a cute big filly out of Big Mama and by Gunner, they always have such stunning foals. She is a beauty, she is a pretty dun, and we will see if she is roan. We named her Gunners La Di Da in memory of Grandma Ruth, and to go with the High class theme, since La Di Da came up as a synonym for High class. Ben and Kicker got the heifers in for Jen to come out and bangs vaccinate on Thursday and the handful of beef cows for dad to take to Toppenish.

Kaine had baseball practice and Anna had a tennis match after school, so Kade and Jaxsen were on their own for front chores. It was Anna’s first match and her and her double partner, Emily, won. The engine on dad’s lawn mower blew up, so he bought a new one, if anyone needs a Craftsman for parts, let dad know. It ran great last year. Toni got Cammie in so we can have Dr King do a breeding exam on her on Thursday. Normally Cammie is sweet and easy to catch, but, she did not want to go to the house, so it took longer then normal to catch her. We moved Duallin to the front of the house when I got home so he can get gelded on Thursday.

Thursday dad took a load of cattle to Toppenish, mostly ours but three of a friends. Also, Dr King came and she and Toni had a full day. With Toni’s hurt arm and Jenny’s bad back, I am sure it was fun. They gelded a colt, did coggins and brand checks on two, preg checked three mares, floated some teeth, did multiple tests on Little Blackie (who looks no better), bangs vaccinated heifers, and I am sure I am forgetting something. We had a bull buyer pick up a bull as well, 824 went to his new home. Thursday was a crazy late day by the time we got everything moved back around, but lots of good stuff got accomplished. The bad news is that Cammie, Stinger, and Miss Kyra are all open. Stinger may have some breeding soundness issues, but time will tell on that. Thursday went as good as it possibly could have gone, and as efficiently. It rained a bit, but no one melted, so all good!

Friday, we had a heifer in heat so I got her in and bred her to 748. I ran into Tennelle’s to get my hair done. Toni called me when I was there that I needed to hurry home and help load sheep. So I stopped on my way home and helped Julie and Dave load the sheep out. It was quite the experience, you would not think they are that different from loading cows into a semi, but they are. Got home, and sorted the bull back out of the heifers so when Ben got home we could move them out to with the bull, 826 down with the late calvers. Then I got Jaxsen’s cow in because his calf was not nursing. Ben got home as I was trying to get the calf to nurse, so he helped me do that. Then he and I ran the heifers down. Next, I went down to mom and dads and Anna and I did chores because Toni’s 1 o’clock meeting was still going on.

Saturday, the kids caught their steers and worked on them a little, it was raining pretty hard so they did what they could in the barn. Then Ben and I went out and checked the cows that are out on the range in the ranger, so that was fun and wet. We went and cut across were the Herefords were on our way home and came across Lura and her new foal. Toni texted me that Shadie foaled, two blue foals on Saturday. Ashley came out and worked on her filly, Rich. Kicker and Isidro worked on picking up rocks in circle 6 so Isidro could farm it. Toni and Anna went out and caught Shadie to move her in because it was pouring rain and the two year olds decided they needed to help Shadie. Then we did chores and went home.

Sunday, Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went to Moses Lake to get groceries for Easter and the Jr Show, Dave called to see if the kids could help roll up sheep fence, since we had left Toni, Jaxsen and Kade went and helped. Kicker had been back down picking up rocks since around 6 that morning. When we got back we picked up Kade and we backed the camper into the yard and the kids and I cleaned it for a little while. Then the kids caught their steers and took them for a walk about. Toni had texted that Hottie had foaled, so I met Toni at her house and we hooked up the little trailer, and picked up mom, and we went out and got her and brought her to the house. We put Shadie out with Double and put Hottie in that pen. We (really me) decided Shadie would be the PERFECT mare to have Double’s heir. So I am planning on keeping it, whatever it is. LOL. I also unilaterally decided to keep Hottie’s foal and sell Louie. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I might be making all of the decisions on my own now.

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