It’s all a matter of perspective. You can look at mud and see mud, or you can use creativity and positive thinking and see potential grass.

It’s all a matter of perspective. You can look at mud and see mud, or you can use creativity and positive thinking and see potential grass. Right now we are being really positive. Monday was a marvelous day, the sun was out, and the weather was awesome. The foals were playing, birds were flying. The kids did the front chores, Toni and I did the back chores, since we have spring forward and I am home to help with the chores now.

Then came Tuesday, freezing rain, snow, just a general dissatisfaction with the weather. Kids had no school, we had a late start. It warmed up during the day and the snow turned to rain. Luckily no foals and no calves during the weather event.

Wednesday was a nice, sunny day. Anna had horse judging practice after school and rode the activity bus home for the first time. Mocha had a cute bay roan filly by Gunner. Dad swore she was grulla, but up close she is clearly bay roan. Mocha’s foals are always super sweet right off the bat. This filly will leave her mother to come nibble on your coat. The only problem is that she has no problem leaving her mother. Day one she was already over investigating Curly the bull with no adult horse supervision. Luckily Curly is easy going. We had someone come out and look at Regis. Everything is still covered in snow or now it is covered in mud. Kicker had to stay at work late so Toni helped Ben feed the horses and Herefords.

Thursday was still nice and sunny. It has still been freezing at nights but it getting warm during the day. The Sandhill cranes are circling and wondering why there is still snow. Besides everything being cold and frozen life is pretty good. And it definitely good be worse, we could be flooded like part of the Midwest. We shipped out a bull on Thursday to some new buyers. The bull was awesome and Toni loaded him with the buyers. Thursday night tall John had to come out and help with chores because he needed a foal fix. We think he might have an addiction problem. He is addicted to horses. So Toni and John fed the Herefords and horses. John also grabbed Toni’s camera so he could try it out since it is new.

Friday was a great day, it was chilly in the morning but nice and sunny in the afternoon. The snow was melting, you can definitely see a difference. I took Trinity and Jewels to the vet in the morning, Jewels is getting spayed, since she cannot have puppies, and Trinity has a growth under her chin getting removed. I took them both to Sagehill vet in Othello. Then I got home and got circle 4 in to sort off the cows and heifers that are getting AIed on the second round. I got them all sorted then had a quick lunch and ran into the school and get Anna and take her in for her sports physical. I got into an argument with the nurse about eating beef, besides that everything went fine. Then I grabbed all the kids from school. We got home, they had a snack and I left them to help Ben with the CIDRS while I went to get my dogs. Both were happy I was there to pick them up. I got home in time to help pull out two CIDRS then we headed down to do chores.

Saturday we checked first thing. Then Ben helped me load up some hay and Toni, the kids and I tried to get the horses in the snow filled corral to haul the heavy and open ones up to breed. It was quite interesting. We were able to get 4 open ones in. Then Toni and I hauled them 2 at a time out, circle 5 is VERY muddy, we barely made it out the first time with our partial load and did not make it the second time and had to lead Barb and Bayley up the hill. The pick-up and trailer had to be towed out and we broke one tow strap in the process. The mud was deep. We put Barb in with Leroy, Annie in with Colonel, Abs in with Dude, Bayley and Stinger in with Bishop, and Ellie in with Gunner. Toni got stuck again, this time on a snowpile that hadn’t melted when she slid into it because of the ice that is still out and about. It was a long day and we had a lot of walking. Then we took Double down to the house and put him in the heavy pen, so we had a pen for Sagebug to go into. The barn is actually empty for the first time in a while so the kids got to catch their Spokane steers, who have had a LONG break that was not good for them mentally.

We also got some videos of Whim when we moved him, which was hard due to how muddy and slick it is. Whim is such a pretty mover though that the videos look ok.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, I got the kids St. Patrick’s Day Potatoes from Sees. Dad went and got Sagebug on Sunday, and we put Cleo and Mocha in with him. We also got one of the heavy mares into the corral, Mud, and we hauled her down and she is in the heavy pen. The kids caught their Spokane steers again, who were not happy about being caught two days in a row after their long break. The kids also cleaned off the watch rack, from all the mud so they can start washing them, they are muddy messes.

We are really happy with how well Josh did with Sagebug, he has had a lot of riding in the short, snow filled months he has been there. With Sagebug home, we are now officially started into our mare breeding season. We can’t say we are excited about it, but it had to start sometime. With the better weather, the bull market has picked up and we are excited to see our repeat bull buyers. If you are in the market for a bull, we think we have some really good ones so feel free to come look. We are also getting some amazing foals on the ground for anyone wanting a 2019 foal. With the better weather, we will once again be ready to give people the ranch tour and show the horses. Just let us know if you are in the area.

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