If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there with ya.

Hopefully everyone had a great Martin Luther King Day! The kids were home from school Monday so Anna and Kaine checked cows. Cousin Diane and her daughter Tash were over visiting so Toni made lunch for them, dad, mom and the kids so she came down and got Kaine and Anna late morning. They all had a great time and a nice visit. No new calves Monday but it was a beautiful day. Toni had a dribble off (basketball dribbling) with the three older kids in the afternoon. Toni says she creamed them, the kids tell a different story.

Tuesday everyone was back at school. Mom and Debbie went to a sewing class, so dad was getting everyone off of the bus, so no homemade pizza pockets as after school snacks. But not to worry, mom had a loaf of bread dad just had to put in the oven, so they had fresh bread, cinnamon, sugar and honey to put on their bread. Jaxsen had an Angus calf on Tuesday, Loud calved, I guess it is Jaxsen the 2nd?? Two of Jaxsen’s calves are shown below. Toni was going through her pictures on her phone and this made her decide she should check the mares, no foals. When Ben got home there were two more calves to greet him. When Toni got home there was a dog by her mail box that had been hit on the road, luckily she got ahold of the Adams County Pet Rescue and they came out and got it.

Wednesday Ben stayed home from work to semen test bulls with Dr. Hank Wisse. Dad came down and assisted Ben in getting the bulls in. The older bull was down in circle 5, and it was so muddy down there the pickup went anywhere but straight. So luckily dad was there to help. Poor baby Jaxsen had to have mouth surgery, and they had to be in there at 7. After the surgery when Jaxsen was asked how he felt, he said he felt like watching Netflixs, so normal. Towards the end of semen checking bulls our load of grain showed up, Stefan had forgotten to text me so we were not ready for it. Luckily Ben was home and the driver was a nice guy. So the driver walked around while Ben and Hank finished up and then Ben cleaned the old grain out before the new grain was put into the pile. Kade had boy scouts on Wednesday, the boys’ friend Aram also had scouts so dad picked up both boys and Aram helped do chores. Kade told me he was going to miss my birthday with me because he had basketball practice Thursday, I told him that was acceptable, but no cake for him.

Toni checked cows on Thursday, she texted me that it was a muddy mess down there and she could not get some places due to the mud. However, they are just out in a corn field, so she could see the places she could not drive too. Jaxsen was back at school and made sure everyone saw his missing teeth, I asked him what he had for lunch and he said chicken soup that I had made him. I said I don’t think I made soup for you, he said, “yeah, don’t you remember?” So I guess I made some soup for Sonny. Kade had basketball practice so dad took him to that while Toni, Anna, Aram, and Kaine did chores, they got most of the cockleburs out of Whim so were just finishing chores when I got there. Mom had paid lemon bars for my birthday, and they were awesome. Ben made a really cool Horseshoe Angus brand for me out of metal and barbed wire to put on the show shed. Mom made some awesome embroidered towels with unique buttons for the kitchen. Toni got some makeup for me for Cattlemen’s and a cool shirt that says not my pasture not my bull. Anna made a cute little box for me in class out of clay to hold trinkets. And Ben went and got Checos for dinner and that was pretty great. So I had an outstanding birthday, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Friday the kids had a half day of school, so Toni and mom picked them up after school and got them bacon cheese burgers from the Burger Factory, Toni ran into Aram while she was picking up the kids, and he wanted to go home with the boys, so she talked to their mom, and picked up Aram and Daisy too, and went and got more burgers. Dad headed to St. John for a funeral for one of his class mates. He saw some other local people so he should have car pooled. Toni and the kids got Whim all cleaned up and he looks really good.

Saturday we had a busy day, Ben, Anna and I checked cows, then Ben needed to head to Pasco to get his 4 wheeler, so we dropped him off at the house and he took Kaine and left. Then Anna and I went around and checked all of the horses. We got the cows in and sorted heavy heifers. Toni came down to show a Hereford bull, so Kade helped us move the heifers around. Then we went down to take pictures of Whim since he was all cleaned up. The kids did the front chores while we took pictures. Then we had my birthday party on Saturday night, I got more then a girl could ask for. We stayed up and played Phase 10 until well after 11.

Sunday Ben and Kicker built fence around the corn field so we could let the cows out as soon as hunting season got over. Anna and I checked cows, and then we grabbed Ben to help tag calves. Kade came down and Anna, Kaine, Kade, Toni and I tied up steers. Anna and I headed to town to get groceries, Ben and Kicker loaded the flatbed trailer up and Toni and the boys took the grass straw down for Toni and dad to put grass straw out. Ben and Kicker kept working on the fence, when Anna and I got home we went out and helped them, pulling out fence posts. Then we went down for chores and Toni and the boys were working on a small fencing project. We finished that up, did chores and went home for the night. Another week in the books for 2019 and so far it has been great.


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