Late Nights and Early Mornings

Per the norm for calving season, last night was a late night of checking calving cows. Luckily we have cousin that is an expert at pulling calves, and he was able to come over and help pull Autumn’s heifer calf Monday night. The head was down and her feet were not coming out the right way. By time they got the feet and legs coming out correctly they had her upside down. Due to Jay’s skill, and all of the time that Ben and Kicker had already put in, and Jay’s driver Todd, Autumn and her heifer calf (not named yet) are both doing great. And of course we had an Angus cow calving too, 209, so we had to run back out and check her to make sure everything was ok there, and luckily it was. By 10 pm 209 had calved. As a positive, Kade’s old show heifer, Dark Night calved by herself during the day yesterday, so Kade has a little baby heifer. Dark Night is a bit spoiled, so we will see how she does as a mother.

We gave Great Grandma a heartfelt goodbye Friday. The service was great, there was a great turnout and the weather was terrific for a January, even though there was a little bite to the wind. For anyone that was not able to make it we have a copy of the service. We had a graveside in Endicott followed by a meal and visit in Lacrosse. Per the norm, our family did a great job providing food and personpower to pull off the Lacrosse event. The town of Lacrosse is truly an amazing community, so many people came to eat and talk and share memories. Uncle Manny made it back home to Alaska in time to feel the earthquake, he said they are about 150 miles away from it, but still felt it.

The kids and I are back to tying up their Spokane steers (and three of their steers for fall shows that are in with the Spokane steers). They seemed to have forgotten a lot on their time off (the steers that is). We are glad that the kids are so excited to get out and work, but the mud doesn’t make working on them very fun. We need to get in our new washrack before we start having to work on the steers’ hair. Mud mixed with more water doesn’t allow the animals to stay clean.

Toni and the kids, Dad and I have helped some but not a lot, are working on fences again. Toni said she should not have taken that break, her fence building muscles have gone slack. But don’t worry, she is working them double time to build them back up. She likes to set really attainable goals, like 4 posts per day, since it is 3 t-posts and 1 wood post, every ten feet, then she likes to surpass that and put in 12-20 per day depending on the soil. They are redoing the fence on top of the hill by mom and dads. We will see how much fencing material we have and where they stop. Toni’s current goal (with what they have) is to do half of the hill. The kids have been big helpers as there is no road to part of it, so they have to pack the fencing materials down the ditch bank. It is a huge pain in the butt, but hopefully we never have to rebuild this fence again.

Even with the rain over Sunday afternoon, we still had a great couple out to look at the horses. They came during the heaviest of the rainfall, but even soaking wet they took time to work with Missy and make sure she was going to work for them. They ended up taking her home which leaves us with just a few broodmares left to sell.

On the fun side of things, Toni, Kicker and the boys got to go to a hockey game on Friday night. We celebrated my birthday on Saturday night with Skip. And the boys have a pinewood Derby race at boy scouts on Thursday night.

Have a great week everyone, and remember, we still have a few 2017 foals left for sale, 3 bred commercial heifers, and some Hereford and Braford bulls for sale.

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