Mud, Mud and more Mud

I won’t say what I consider the mud stuff that is hanging out in all of the pens. Lets just say that it smells and looks like more than just mud. It really adds an extra element of excitement when a person is trying to halter break 2 fresh colts. In the weaning pen this week we pulled out Goldencents and Sheriff. They are the last two non-black mane and tail foals that have been weaned. Goldencents is a really big colt and Sheriff is a normal sized colt. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to give ourselves a break and only work on 2 this week. These 2 were as good as any. Then the rain started. Before we knew it we had mud stuff everywhere. By Tuesday it was so bad that Toni couldn’t do more than catch them and tie them up. Even after doing that, Toni had mud stuff dripping off of her face and covering every inch of her body. We went ahead and moved the colts across the driveway into the pen that Smokey and C are in because it is bigger, drains better, and even with 4 colts in it, was way drier than the halter breaking pen. Things went much better after that.

On Wednesday Toni took the kids to see great grandma since school was a half day for Thanksgiving break. The kids love going to see great grandma, and mom and Toni take them out to lunch too; which is definitely a bonus. I was going to go with them but we had Gary the horse shipper scheduled to come that day so I stayed home and waited for him. We just knew he was coming in the afternoon. He finally made it out at 5, so Toni and Kade were there to help load. Of our foals, Yokel and Rimfire left, heading to their new homes. We also had Gypsy here, another weanling out of Gunner that belongs to a friend. Rimfire and Gypsy went to the same place. With three foals to load, it was nice to have Kade out there to hold Yokel. The three foals loaded like little champs. It was dark and into a nice clean trailer, but they loaded fine anyway. Gary was out of here within 10 minutes. While I was waiting for Gary I took the opportunity to get some new pictures of the bulls we have for sale and update the website. If anyone is interested in an Angus, Hereford, or Braford bull, check out what we have.

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving at Toni’s house. We had a turkey for the bird eaters. But us beef eaters had a Tri Tip, which was smoked to perfection. We also had pies, potatoes, stuffing, green beans, rolls, and everything else. We had some good friends come join us and Uncle Skip made the drive. Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays as it is about food (our favorite thing!) and giving thanks for all that a person has. We go around the room and talk about what we are thankful for. The kids always say some funny things, but it is also interesting to hear what they are thankful for . One guy, we won’t name names, is thankful for Bison.

On Friday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny headed to Clarkston for a Meacham Thanksgiving and to cut down their Christmas tree. They always have fun up there and the kids (and probably Kicker) like to cut down their tree. I had the pleasure of meeting out second youth foal winner, Jennifer, and we loaded Sheriff and he left with her. Also on Friday, Ben, Anna, Kaine and I worked the heifers and steers calves.

On Saturday and Sunday we worked all of the cows and bulls, so everything has been worked for 2017. Now we can start calving next month, or in a couple of weeks. People always ask if winter is our “down time.” We don’t actually have a down time. Because Ben is off for most of the month of December we start calving in early December. Our fall cows are done calving by the end of October (or so we hope), so between the end of fall calving and the beginning of spring calving, we wean calves and foals, work all livestock, build fence around the corn stalks, and try to catch-up on everything that needs to be done. That list is never complete. We also went ahead and put out our bulls for the fall calving cows and got a good look at the fall calves. We have a couple tentatively picked out for the kids to show next year.

On Tuesday Toni shipped Goldencents to his new home and we got two new mares:

A Little Shadie Chic is a dark palomino mare that has been shown on the reining circuit, specifically NRHA taking home the 2006 Reserve Regional Experience Reining Region One. This mare continued her show career earning multiple points. Shadie continued to take young people to the show ring until becoming a broodmare. Shadie is an own daughter of Comandalena who has earned over $143,000.00 and 260.5 points. On the bottom side Shadie is a granddaughter of A Little Shady Jac, earner of $17,715.86 in NRHA and AQHA points. Doc Tom Tucker, Hollywood Jac 86, Fritz Command, and Smart Little Lena are on Shadie’s papers. Shadie is 5 panel neg and carries one creme gene.

Miss Lil Dash, “Missy,” is a 2009 running built gray mare out of Scats Dash, an own son of Action Cash. This mare’s bottom side goes back to Blue Try out of Plenty Try. This breeding has been a winning combination running barrels. These are tough horses with speed, agility, and grit.

We know we always say we don’t need anymore mares, and we don’t. However, this was too good of an opportunity to pass up with the breeding that these mares bring to our program.

After Goldencents left Toni pulled Cupid and Major in and got halters on them. Dad and Toni then moved them in with Cee and Smokey because the halter breaking pen is still too muddy. Toni is really enjoying only halter breaking 2 at a time. We are over the half way mark and most of the sold foals have shipped, so that takes quite a bit of the pressure off to get the foals going and shipped out. The fun continues here. We are hearing that the rain is going to continue, which is great because we need it. We will continue to try and deal with the weather and plug away at the work that needs to be completed before spring.

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