Another Big Week


We continue to wean, halter break, and work our butts off. Toni, Anna and I had a great time at the Evergreen Exclusive Angus show last weekend. We met quite a few new people that we do not normally see at the Jr Angus Shows, and we also got to see old friends and family. We brought two heifers home, one for Anna and one for Kaine. The heifer and steer we tried to get for Kade both went for too much. This is a great Sale for the industry and allows sellers to see a wide variety of Angus cattle. Steer numbers were down at the sale this year, so the steers sold really high.


Con went to his new home on Saturday after we got back from Moses Lake. He made it to his new home safely and he looks like he really likes his new home in the pictures and videos we have received. Blurose is leaving on Thursday and Chrome is leaving next week for California. Once Blurose leaves, Smokey the bottle baby is going to get halter broke for a few days before the next group comes in. He has already had a halter on multiple times, including today, but isn’t really into people directing him as he thinks he is the boss.

We also weaned Double Pecan, Peeps, Shelby and Latte on Sunday. So far all four foals are doing great and started eating right away. We have a low stress weaning system with their dams right across the fence from them the first week, the foals cannot reach through the fence to nurse. All of these foals have been good sized, but Latte is huge. We have four more foals scheduled to be weaned this weekend. The four weaned last weekend will be haltered and the halter breaking process will start this weekend.

Kade’s game Saturday was postponed to Monday, so only Kaine had a football game Saturday. However, Kade had a game Monday, Kaine had a game Tuesday and Kade has a game on Wednesday. Then both of them have games on Saturday. Saturday beginning at noon is Grandpa’s 90th birthday party in Connell. We also have our little boy, Jaxsen, turning 7 on Saturday.

Tuesday Dr. Jennifer King was out to preg check some heifers, coggins and vet check Chrome, fix some hernias, float an old mares’ teeth, and take a look at some other foals. Another full day!



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