The Unsinkable Molly B

Due to complications with colic, we have lost The Unsinkable Molly B.  As many know, after giving Molly Zimectrin Gold, Molly had severe colic. After a night of walking her and keeping her alive, we got her to our wonderful vet Sheena Sorensen. Molly ended up at WSU for colic surgery with a twisted gut. We were able to bring her home after an extended stay with WSU. Molly quickly recuperated, back to her devilish self. But even with Molly at her finest, things were not out of the woods. On November 19, Molly again showed signs of colic which we were able to get through. On December 1 Molly once again showed signs that something was wrong. We got Molly into Sheena but Molly continued to decline. After giving it her best, Molly was not able to recover. We want to thank Sheena Sorensen and her staff for the care and concern that they have given to Molly. It is always hard to lose one, but Molly was very special so it makes it especially hard. 

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