Independence Day is around the corner, and we are all excited to have a day to celebrate the birth of this great nation and the pioneers and libertarians that took it upon themselves to give us the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Monday the calves were much better to tie up than on Sunday, is what I hear anyway from Ben and Kicker. Toni went and brought Whim back from Sagehill Vet, he is doing much better. The kids worked on their heifers and steers, their next show is the Desert Classic the first part of July with their steers. Jaxsen told Toni he had a head ache so he could not help her with Whim and went in the house with mom and ate cookies and watched TV. Big news on Monday, we received the results for the carcass competition at the Spokane Jr Livestock Show, Anna won big money, she got first, and Kaine got 9th. Kade was not able to participate because his steer went to a different butcher.

Kaine stayed at Toni’s house Monday night, so he was there most of Tuesday. They got down to my house in the afternoon to tie up steers and heifers. Toni and Kaine also rode Friday, who we got back at 1 in the morning on Sunday. Leslie invited us to go to the movies with her, but the kids were still working on heifers and steers. Meno ran through the hot fence down in Bishops’ pen, so Toni and I had to go and fix that Tuesday night. We had help from Jaxsen and Lucy. Also, Whim seems like he is having an allergic reaction to something, Sheena sent in a sample and we are waiting to get the results back.

Results are back from Whim, and nothing conclusive, except he does not have anything contagious. So we moved him to a different pen to see if he is allergic to something in there. However, he has been in that pen for a while, so it would have to be something blooming or something new that is growing. Today was stormy, so the kids just washed their clubbies and heifers, not the Angus steers. We had thunder and lightning Wednesday night so the power was going on and off and shutting the circles off. Ben and Kicker were out late restarting them. Lots of hay is down in the area, which always seems to encourage rain!

Whim was much better Thursday, so he must be allergic to something in that pen, but we have also changed his feed, so it could also be that, or a combination of everything. It was still stormy Thursday morning. The kids started working on their animals early and then headed to Connell to work on Hereford heifers, except Jax didn’t go. He just didn’t feel up to it (surprising!). They had a 4H meeting that evening and Tennelle brought them home for us already fed.

Friday morning we finally had another foal, Cupcake had a Sagebug filly. Toni and the kids went down and checked on her, and then Toni had court so she left the kids down there to watch them. It was Cupcake’s first foal and she seemed a little stressed out at first, but she settled right in. We are very happy with this first foal out of Cupcake. We have decided not to breed back some of these late mares, but there were quite a few factors that we are considering. So Cupcake will be at the house with Salbia. We named the filly Salbia in honor of our friend Jose, which is the basque version of Sage. Ben came down and got the kids when he got home from work to work on their heifers and steers. Jaxsen went too, even though he tried to be annoying enough they would not take him.

Saturday we went to Bronty’s 2nd birthday for lunch, the kids had a great time playing. En route, both Dad and Kicker saw that someone had a single car accident in our desert fence and took about about 80 feet of it. Luckily Gunner’s pen wasn’t over by it at the time or it could have been a real disaster. It is always really frustrating to have someone go through a fence, destroy our property, and not be notified in a timely manner. Kicker got the fence fixed before any of the animals figured out there was an issue. Again, luck was on our side.

We left early to meet Jill, Bobette, Payton and Parker to go and look at Jesse’s mini foal. Jill is buying him. They had a great time playing with him. The kids took the day off from working on their steers and heifers.

Sunday we washed everything, it was the calves’ first day to the wash rack, so Kicker and Ben helped us wash all of them. We have a couple of extras in, and one got herself sifted out that way.

Dusti came and picked up her mare that had been in with Double. Megan and Patrick came out and bought Spotty and Salbia (Cupcake’s filly). Also on Sunday, Maggie foaled and had a cute dun filly by Reed. The people mom and dad got their German Shepard from came out on Saturday and mom and dad took them on the tour, including over to see the miniatures. We got another mare in to breed to Leroy that came in out of Idaho.

Toni and I put Whim in with the yearling colts Sunday night and we moved Pistol, Whinny and Rosie out of Double’s pen. We moved Blackie over into Double’s pen. We decided that we were going to wait and breed Maggie and Cupcake next year, and move them up since they foaled so late.

Also, we got an update from Cody, Felix has been started and is doing great.


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