This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.

Monday was a great day, the snow was melting, birds were singing, mud was drying up. Can it get any better than this?? Toni knew Shiney was going to foal Monday, so she kept going and checking her, but Shiney waited until Toni had to go to a meeting to foal, sometimes mares are tricky tricksters. Shiney had a cute colt with a white body spot. Anna had her first tennis practice Monday, they spent most of practice cleaning the snow off of the tennis courts. She said they actually played for about 20 minutes.

Tuesday Toni and Dad went into Michael Jays for the Washington Cattlemen’s Meeting that was in Connell. They both said the meeting was really good, but Toni had a business call first so they got there late and dad had to take mom to an appointment, so they left early. Toni had a call that night too, so the three boys and I did most of chores, since Anna was at tennis practice. Ro has not gone out with a stud yet since no one wants Trump to leave, he needs his nightly pets.

Wednesday was the first day of Spring, I am still wondering what the groundhog was thinking with an early spring when there is still snow on the ground. But, the weather is definitely improving. Dad and Toni with to the WCA bull sale. The twins went down and had lunch with them. They saw lots of friends and had a great lunch. I was hoping for a foal today so we could give it a spring name, but the mares were not ready. The two year old Hereford bull left today, he went to Ellensburg.

Still no foals on Thursday, there are lots of mares getting heavy, so I guess they will all foal on the same day?? Bub is out breeding cows like he is supposed to be, we had a couple in heat Th morning. The rabbit that was outside my office window had moved on to greener pastures, so I don’t even have an office pet anymore. Toni and the boys, minus Sonny because he was not feeling well, did chores, and then Toni took Anna, Kaine, and Kade into have dinner with the twins before the twins went back to college. Leslie, Shelby, and Whitney were also with them eating. They ate at the new place in Connell, Papa Ray’s, and said it was good. I went up to help Ben and Kicker sort the cows for AIing on the weekend, but, they were done sorting. We had someone coming out to get a show steer, so I showed Danny and the kids the steers and we loaded one out for them.

Still no new foals Friday, I guess someone should have a talk with these horses. Toni and Ben pulled CIDRs at 8 so we can AI Sunday. Then Ben went off to work and Toni went home to work. She had to leave for Kade’s math team competition at around 1, so she had a busy morning of getting a full days’ worth of stuff done. Sonny stayed home from school since he was sick, Toni dropped him off at moms while she was at math team. Kade’s team did really good. Ben was late getting home from work, so Kicker and I fed the cows, Ben got home right as we were getting done.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to give the cows shots for AIing. Then we got all our steers rounded up, and loaded in the trailer to head in for steer weigh in. We fed them a little too well over the winter and most of them were a little heavy. Better too heavy than too light. Next, we ran into Connell to get fuel and Toni and the kids decided they needed lunch, so I made then walk down to the Burger Factory while I got fuel. We went home and the kids washed their Spokane steers after lunch and we caught our heifers for the Angus show. The heifers thought they were done showing and not super happy with us. They are big fat hippos, so it is really fun to try to catch them with them swinging their big booties around. One got herself so upset she had the hiccups. They were decent after we caught them. Ben and Kicker went and built fence where we were going to move the cows too, Toni and I sorted the heifers, sorted the cows, sorted this and that while we watched the kids. We put Gunner and Ellie in the yard since we needed to use their pen, and Gunner caught his reflection in the window and found himself to be a good looking stud.  Then we headed down to do chores. While doing chores we had some friends show up with two little girls. They wanted to pet the “baby” horses and ride. The girls were very petite and wearing dresses, but they were game to sit on Rudy and pet Trump. Trump started nibbling on their clothes when they weren’t paying enough attention to him. Spoiled maybe? The girls also went and petted Rocky. Sometimes little people don’t love big old Rocky, even if he loves everyone that wants to pet him.

Sunday we woke up to rain, but, it is better rain than snow. Anna, Kaine and Kade caught their Spokane steers, but did not wash them since it was raining and cold. We also did not catch the Angus heifers since there was not a lot of room in the barn. We moved Dreamer and the mini mares up with Bev, the yearling mini fillies down by the house, and the May heifers will go in with them when we put a bull in with the show heifers, and we put Gunner out in circle 4 where Dreamer was. Toni and Dad put out straw while Ben and I sold a bull and sorted. Toni rode Riley and I rode Oley and Ben rode the 4 wheeler, and we moved stuff around. Whitney came and got the kids and took them to a birthday party. Mark came and AIed. Then we pushed all the cows down below the grass hay field to a patch of corn stalks that were left. The heifers getting bred are in the old stalks where the cows were and the no breed heifers we hauled down to circle 6. We hauled Cece, Ladybug and Miss Kyra to be with Gunner, and Ro and Lola to Leroy. We are all sad that Trumpy is down in Circle 3 where we can’t pet him everyday. Luckily we still have Spotty, Jojo, and Regis around the house to spoil. Maybe more soon?


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