So here is to hoping for the best weather possible and just one more week of winter, then bring on spring, I am ready for spring.

Monday we went and helped at the BB Cattle Co sale, we had snow and some wind that day. Luckily they have internet sales now so there were lots of people biding online and some call in bids. But it was a cold and wet day, and it snowed the entire time. We got home and still had hay at the house from dad bring it up in the tractor the day before, Kaine, Kade and I walked to the corral and fed Whim, Bishop, Double, Kool and Smoke and threw some hay out in the pasture for the horses. There are some DEEP drifts. The boys fell down a number of times. Toni and Anna did chores up at the house, they could get the four wheeler at least part way down the driveway to feed so they did not have to drag the hay like us. Toni and I got out to the desert to feed the mares, now that there is so much snow they all do think they need fed, so came running as soon as they heard the pickup. Anna helped Ben feed the cows for a while because Kicker got stuck at work showing people around, yes in the snow. Kicker made it about the time Toni and I got done feeding the mares so Anna got reprieved. The snow and cold makes for a lot of chores.

We lost our last old bay mare Monday, Emmy. Emmy was a great mare and at least did not go downhill, and was still eating and drinking well up until her body started shutting down. Emmy is the mother to Cow Cutting Colonel, and she has had a number of nice foals at our house by Colonel and Dude.

The kids didn’t have school again Tuesday. Ben got to go in late so he checked the cows before he went in. He got off of work early, so he plowed the snow around mom and dads with the tractor again. We needed to get some hay from the corral, so he plowed the road down to there and Toni brought back enough for a couple of days. Toni went out and fed the mares and most of them came and met her. Coco was around so her and the kids helped with chores. There were still plenty of snow drifts to get through and it made for some interesting driving at times.

Wednesday no school again due to freezing rain in some areas, luckily we just got more snow and a touch of freezing rain. Ben had to go to work at normal time, I got a 2 hr delay. Toni checked cows and horses and luckily they were all holding their babies in. Thursday the snow and rain did not start until the afternoon, the kids had no school again and I went home early. Not the prettiest Valentine’s Day we have ever had, but everyone was healthy and safe, so you can’t ask for much more. And, speaking of Valentine’s Day, Happy 70th to Grandma and Grandpa.

Friday there was still no school. Anna and I got up and checked the cows, watered everything and fed the steers, bulls and show heifers. Then mom and I ran into Connell and got our hair done. When I got home Anna and I went out and fed the mares in the desert and then we all went down and did chores. In this weather, chores take about an extra hour, minimum. The kids really enjoyed the snow and went sledding, built a snow fort out of the snow pile (over 5 feet tall), and there was lots of snow flying at times. We also had a heifer, that was one of our embryo transplants, calve, and Poison, one of Kaine’s show heifers. Anything that calves or foals at this point gets moved into the barn just to be safe!

Saturday Ben, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I got the cows in that looked like they might calve this coming week and locked them in with the heavy heifers. We cleaned out the pen and got the two pair out, Big Boy, a fall calf, had to crawl in through the feed bunk to see who all the new ladies were. Anna and Kade worked on their miniature yearling fillies. Ben and I went out and fed the mares. Toni, Coco, the kids and I did chores and Ben and Kicker fed the cows, like every night.

Sunday Ben, the kids and I went to Moses Lake to get groceries and lunch after checking the cows, morning chores and Ben changed the fuel filter in the tractor. Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen took big bales down to mom and dads and put them out for the horses. We got back and went and fed the mares then went down and did chores. By Sunday a few of the mares were not coming in to eat the hay we feed everyday, I guess they thought there was plenty of grass under all of that snow, so we drove out a different way and checked them to make sure all was well. We are still feeding 34 head of mares everyday, but these additional 7 didn’t need us. They all look good, so I guess they know what they are doing.

Monday while Anna and were checking, we were home since it was President’s Day, we saw that Ro had foaled. We tried to get through the gate, which had a giant show drift it in, but got stuck. I tried calling Toni, she was on the phone with another attorney and she texted back and asked if she could call me later. I said NO, Ro foaled and I am stuck. She raced down and pulled us out and we got Ro into the barn. Cleo is also due any day. We did a Facebook poll to name the cute guy since it was Presidents Day and “KT Cant Trump This” won. Besides the foal we had a pretty normal day at home. Toni yelled at Kicker and I since we did not know who her favorite president was, it is Lincoln if you don’t know. Feeding, watering, checking, deicing. We are in for another front of bad weather on Wed. I feel like we are ready, but every time I think that, the weather is worse than I expect. So here is to hoping for the best weather possible and just one more week of winter, then bring on spring, I am ready for spring.

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