When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. Its a necessity.

With the three foals getting hurt last week, we were a day behind on getting the next two foals haltered and getting halter broke. Luckily we only had one to get ready to ship. Monday afternoon the three older kids helped Toni halter Coco Bean and Sweet Annie. They were both little dolls. The kids petted on them and really loved on them for quite a while. So on top of normal chores, we are keeping the three injured foals in the barn at my house, so then we go there to work on those three. The two head wounds really don’t take much, but Lassie’s leg requires quite a bit of work every night. On Monday Barb came and got Golden. Golden loaded like a champ up a ramp into a 2 horse straight load. He has always had an old soul, so acted like a big horse. Monday was also Sonny’s last soccer match in Basin City. Per the norm he ran around a bunch and had way too much fun.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just normal days, if there is any such thing. The days were stunning so it was no hardship to get outside and enjoy this wonderful fall weather. Thursday was our Football Banquet, so Toni and the kids did chores and worked on the foals and I met them in there. Both Kade and Kaine were recognized along with their teams for a great season.

Thursday Toni and Coco went and got Jitterbug and Ladybug out of their pasture and brought them back to wean Jitter. Jitter had a small poke in her eye, so one more added to the doctoring pen.

Friday Toni, Kicker, Kade and Sonny went to Clarkston to visit the Meachams after school, for the weekend. Anna and Kaine went with the Borbas and Holts to the Middleton Pumpkin Patch, so I was left alone to do chores.

Saturday Anna and Ben went to load hay. Kaine and I went to our neighbor Dalton’s and got a couple of steers that will hopefully work as show steers next year. Then, we had Sandy and Ashley out to look and Rich, Jag and Mario. Ashley decided she wanted to buy Rich. Next, we went to a different neighbor Jacob’s to get another show steer for next year. Then, when we came back, Ben and Anna had unloaded all the hay so we moved the steers, bulls, show heifers and feeder calves all around so everything had enough bunk space. The kids and I then went to go and do chores. We also have a buyer looking at the colts that are left.

Sunday was baby Jax’s 8th bday. We started the morning with Jenifer coming to get Sweet Annie and she left to her new home. Then we got the calves in and sorted the show heifers off that had gotten in with them. We all went to a Halloween birthday party and came home to halter and start halter breaking Double the Fancy, Katana, Mocha, and Lassie. Jitterbug is also in the haltering pen, so lots of work to do!

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