The best thing about a heat wave is constantly having the illusion that you’re getting exercise.

Monday with the heat and due to the long hot weekend, we let the kids kind of chill, they caught their steers and rinsed them and that is about it for work during the day. Toni had meetings all afternoon, so they did really get to rest. Tuesday Toni had mediation all day in Yakima, so the kids went down to mom and dads to chill. I had a hair apt after work, so they did Toni and my chores and then Ben went down and got them to go up and do their chores.

Wednesday the kids got to go swimming at Tom and Peggy’s house, they always have a lot of fun doing that. When Toni got down to Mom and Dad’s, a good friend of ours, Jaime Utech, was there with what she referred to as “city kids.” These city kids were ladies that wanted to go see the foals. Toni took some time to show them the horses at the house. Toni had court so she went and got them some chicken and kicked them all out there with mom and left. Thursday and Friday the kids just caught their steers and hung out and rested.

Saturday Toni had some people come out, and Toni took them out to see the foals they are buying. Ben, Anna, Kaine and I got the cows in to pull a bull and get some heifers in we were breeding for someone else. Then, Toni and I went out to Leroy’s pen to get Lona and Piper D in and take them to the house. Lona of course was not OK with this plan, we almost had them in and she took off. I jumped out to stop her and Toni took off after her in the pickup and left me. So after watching them get farther and farther away I finally walked home and got the 4 Wheeler. Luckily I ran into Ben half way home and only had to walk half way. By the time we got down to the horses at the end of the desert, Lona was done and we caught her and had to lead her all the way back. Ben also watched us for a while because I guess we are amusing with our one reign we found and tied into a halter, with our cow halter lead rope tied to that, leading a horse off of a 4 wheeler. So the Hollywood brothers are now at the house, King of Hollywood had hair pulled and it is being sent in today. Both colts were great to load. So far we are pretty impressed with Leroy’s foals. Smart, savvy, and pretty is a great combination. Once we got the Hollywood brothers home, we then had to listen to Mom tell us her latest plan on how she is going to keep “hers.” Lona is Mom’s so that means King of Hollywood is also Mom’s. Please note that Mom has a problem with wanting to keep all of her horses. She does not see this as a problem. Toni and I have tried to tell her that we can’t keep them all!

Sunday Toni needed to catch up on her law work. Anna got stung in the eye by a wasp, so she basically slept all of Sunday from the Benadryl. Kicker took the three boys boating, and Ben and I went to Winco for like a months’ worth of groceries. I felt I was lucky Sunday, I slaughtered Ben in trivia at lunch and I lost my fit bit and then found it, so I bought a lottery ticket. The guy told me it was the lucky one and I need to come back and buy him beers if I win. I laughed and said OK in a sarcastic voice. But, if I win the 223 million I probably should.

Also, mom got these cool new hats in.


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