Another week down, another show down, or technically two shows down.

We started off the week with the boys having football camp, trying to get ready for the double header show, and battling the heat. Addy flew up from California, arriving late Monday, so she could join in on the fun and get ready for three cattle shows in two weeks. Toni took the kids to aunt Peggy’s pool on Wednesday for a much needed break and groceries.

We hauled into the Evergreen Angus futurity on Thursday, which then turns into the Summer Sizzle. We realized when we were there that our good friends the Van Burens were not. They thought they didn’t have to be to the show until Friday. Due to the fires near Vantage, and I-90 being closed, lots of people were late getting to the show. We weighed our steers in Friday morning and the three angus steers were ultrasounded for the ultrasound challenge. We love the ultrasound challenge because it tells us where the steers are at as we are down to about a month until their terminal date. The three steers were on track. Kade’s steer had a 5.44 IMF (really good) and Kaine and Anna’s steers were also really high IMF and big ribeyes. We raised those three steers so it is gratifying to see that the genetics and feeding are on track.

I feel like the kids had a great show, and I had a great time seeing lots of family and friends. Anna had Grand Champion Jr Bred and Owned heifer, Kaine had Grand Champion heifer calf, so both were division champions and got really nice brushes as prizes. Kade’s steer and big heifer, Evie, both made it back to the championship round. McCall’s heifer, Gamora, also won her class and she went back to the championship round. Anna’s heifer, Amora, was 5th overall in the Evergreen class as well. That was all Friday. We also had lots of sit around and talk time since the showing was done on Friday by 2 pm. Aunt Deb and Randy were there from Montana, as well as lots of our cousins from the Pierson side and friends. To beat the heat we all sat under the shade at the campers talking during the hot part of the day.

Saturday we started with showmanship. Kade and Kaine both made it back to the championship round and Kade was the Reserve Champion showman. We also had a lot of PeeWee showman in our group, including Sonny, Natalie, and Julian. The judge asked Sonny how he was doing, and Sonny told the Judge that showing is really hard. The judge said math is harder, and Sonny did not agree. Showing is harder than math. Probably for Sonny, that is true. Kade also made it back to the championship round with his steer in the ultrasound challenge with the judge stating that Kade’s steer had really good numbers. Then we kicked into the Summer Sizzle, Kaine showed his steer Bodie, Anna showed Sleepy, and Kade showed Evie. All did great. McCall’s heifer was 5th overall. All of the kids in our group did great, we took 19 head to both shows.

Toni was wheeling and dealing and managed to buy Anna a new heifer during the show as well. Uncle Joe and Merr rolled in to help us haul home, so we loaded Joe up and he took off. Then we loaded Toni up and she took Sonny and left. Then the fun began, my tipouts on my camper would not go in. Manny went through all of the traditional issues, fuses, something in the slide, etc, then he started watching utube videos for things to check. Him and Randy then got underneath and started looking for issues. Randy started to bang on things and luckily got it to work. Luckily Manny and Traci had already been cleaning up the campsite so we still got home by 8 pm on Sat.

Sunday Ben and I went out and checked everything. With this heat, we really need to keep a close eye on things. Colonel’s pen was moved into circle 6 so they could have a circle to go under and more grass. The for sale bulls got moved down to the lake for better water access. Keeping everything cool and healthy with this heat isn’t an easy task. Tuffy had a filly this morning and Jesse, Kade’s mini mare, had a filly out of Dreamer on Sat. We have two more old mares that could possibly foal, but, they were in heat this spring, so we think we are done until next year.

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