We had another fun filled, action packed week at “The Ranch.”

We had another fun filled, action packed week at “The Ranch.” As some of you have heard, Toni made Jaxsen mad, so he took the T out of KT Ranch. Then, he told me to do something, and I said, when you are the boss I will let you know. So he told me he was taking the K out too. I said, I am glad you don’t have that authority. So, some are now calling us “The Ranch” since Jaxsen is so amusing.

While Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen were gone Anna and Kaine spent some time at BB Cattle Co helping Leslie, Whitney, Jay and Mar halter break bulls and work on the show heifers. This continued for a couple of days last week, and will continue on through the summer. But, Kade and Jaxsen, and sometimes Toni will haul over the show steers and heifers, and ours will all go over too. So Friday all four kids were over and Leslie took them all to dinner and to see Incredibles 2 in Connell in 3D that night. Our good friends the Hills came up from Texas for a visit and were over with Leslie as well.

Toni got back from Alaska on Tuesday, was home a ½ day Tuesday, Wednesday, and a ½ day Thursday and then was gone again for 2 days with work. So she has not been helpful for the last 2 weeks. She got back late Friday and we have tried to get as much work done as possible since then.

Thursday Anna babysat the neighbor kids for a few hours, sealing the deal that she is NOT going to be a teacher. She was exhausted after a few hours. But, if Cecily has her back this week she is going to take squirt guns or bubbles for entertainment. The boys had their friend Ty over, who is moving soon, and got to spend a last day with him. They had a lot of fun.

Of course over the weekend we worked on the show animals at our house. We had customers over Saturday morning, and Toni sold Black Tornado and Big Iron, two of my favorites, however, if you have been out of the tour you know I have a lot of favorites. We had some friends out Saturday afternoon, so they played with the minis and petted some foals and rode Pocket. Also, I needed to get some fall heifers in and Toni did not show up to help, so I used her new bridle, and sent her a picture.

Saturday night we went to a college graduation party that had a giant water slide. The boys are sore from going down too much, I think Kade even has a blister. I am sure glad it was not in my yard from the muddy mess it made. Yes, my yard is that great, LOL.

We are done foaling, so now it is just having buyers over, managing our grass, dealing with day-to-day. We still have a few horses left to get worked, but we are almost done. There are three old mares that could foal, but that is just extra. Like every year, we just love our foal crop. We always think we have the best foal crop, which is good because it is a ton of work to deal with all of the foals.

Sunday we worked on show animals again, went and got groceries and then put Blackie in with Double, Piper in with Reed and Omen (an outside mare) in with Sagebug. Rileys showed up with Ollie for Anna to ride. She seems to think this gelding is the only horse that she wants to ride. It is a good thing Sonny and Jeanne are so good to the kids and brought him over. Anna rode him around in the alley bareback for awhile and seemed really happy to have him back. We then went to another backyard BBQ for our friends that were up. More pool time for the kids, and squirt guns and water fights.


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