By Hook or Crook

Toni is back to cracking the whip and getting fencing done. We are going to get it done by hook or crook. By Hook or Crook means: To do any way possible. And that is my finger, not Tonis’.

Monday Toni and I broke apart poles, we bought a pile of 12 foot poles from an orchard and they are attached together with metal in an S curve. So Toni saws them apart while I get the rebar the rest of the way out. However, we only did 20 of them, enough for along Hendricks Rd. So we only have about 110 left to do. It is not fun. Then Tuesday we put up 4 of the poles along our Hendricks Rd fencing project. I am taking a picture every day, normally with Toni it in, so I can remember what we do each day. I didn’t tell Toni I was taking pictures with her in them until Thursday when I wanted her to redo something stupid that she had done so I could get a picture. She was not happy to find out I have been taking pictures on the sly. Haha.

Also on Tuesday, Lendy foaled and had Mario. Wednesday Toni and I started a new fencing project, we are building a fence along one of the lakes in the desert, in case the horses, which are on the front side of the lake, comes across to the back, with the new fence horses will not mix, hypothetically. Toni and I continued with putting in posts for that 1350 feet of fence for Thursday and Friday. We had hoped to get that fence in over the weekend. It did not happen. Also on Friday, Big Mama foaled and had a FANCY grulla filly. There was talk of keeping her, however, one of our good friends and customers has expressed interest in her, so we will see.

Saturday we got fence building reinforcement. Kicker came out with the automatic post pounder and we got 90% of the posts in. Dad even brought out some supplies and stayed and helped for a little while. We also checked the cows out on the desert Saturday morning, all are doing well. And Ben stayed at the house with the kids while we were building fence to help them with their steers and heifers. The kids had 17 head of show critters tied up on Saturday.

Sunday Toni and Kicker celebrated their anniversary and went out for brunch. Ben the kids and I went to Moses to get a gate, more barbless twisted wire for the fence, some precon to take to Spokane with us for the steers, and some other stuff, from Basin Feed. When Toni and Kicker got back they went and finished putting posts in and got some of the wire up. Ben and I got Lendy in and moved her in with Double. And got the Hereford cows in that had calved and moved them down with 102W (pancake) and Eric (our 10Y son). Gunner is also down there and was VERY disappointed there were not any mares in the trailer.

Yesterday I went into town after work and got my hair done. But, Toni, Coco and the kids got more wire up and one of the sections is now completely done. Also, Twist foaled yesterday and had a showy buckskin colt. The weather has been kind of junky, but we always need rain so we are remaining positive.

And I have had a great day so far today. A coworker got back from Hawaii and brought us back wood bookmarks that are REALLY cool. Then Tessa foaled and had a dun colt (dun with black points is one of my favorite colors). Anna had a field trip today, and I could not go, and one of my favorite cousins Whitney went with her. I know Whitney had a lot of fun, and one of our friends’ kid called her and told her she did not have to come because Whitney was coming. LOL. Whitney is 10 years younger than I am, so it is like having an older sibling get to come with you. The kids love Whitney, so Anna probably had more fun with Whitney than if I had gone. Thanks Whitney. Since my day has been so good, I asked Toni if I should get a lotto ticket and she said yes. Big money here we come!

Also, the three older bottle calves tried to escaped today.


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