Due to High Winds….

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but due to the high winds, the power going out and then no interest, it is getting posted a day late.

Toni is a slave driver, and pretty much all week we have been working on the fence along Hendricks Rd after school and work. We are getting close to having all of the fence posts in. Toni and Anna have also been working on Eclipse and Little Blackie too to get them ready for Eclipse to make a trip to the vet today. In addition, the boys had a troop meeting, Toni and Leslie had a Cattlemen’s Meeting Tuesday all day, and bull sale to go too, and they both taught at Farm Fair.

Friday morning Toni and Cousin Whitney pulled CIDRS from the cows so we could breed on Sunday. Then Saturday morning Toni, Kicker and I ran the cows through and gave them shots. Then we started getting all of the cattle and horses off of the corn field. Toni and I also took the kids and their steers to steer weigh in and Kicker brought us all lunch from Taco Bell. We also had to pull fence out of the corn field, sort horses, and move horses. We were tired by Saturday night so we finished putting up our sign at the end of the driveway instead of pounding posts in. The sign look great! We used old boards from a loading chute that used to be down at the old corral, so we used a piece of our ranch history in our sign.

Sunday we continued with sorting the cows and horses into fields and pastures and getting them off of the corn fields. Then at noon Mark Ellis showed up for us to AI cows. But, while we were waiting for Mark, we had to pull a huge calf out of Toni’s poor Hereford heifer. The kids got to go to a birthday party on Sunday, so they had Sunday Funday, mom and dad took them and they had a big Nerf gun war. We identified more open mares, so moved them in with studs. As of now, all stallions have at least one mare with them. Mark Ellis and Toni also preg checked three cows. Toni learned to preg check and AI cows back at WSU, but she doesn’t get a lot of practice. Having Mark there to give her some tips and confirm what she is doing made it fun for her.

We got a new big colt out of Leroy and Pocket. Pocket is a Zink daughter that is a great riding mare. Anna wants to start riding her again, so we are not going to rebreed her this year. Anna named the colt Dancin N The Dust.

Monday we got the horses ready for dad to take to the vet today. Then we got up early Tuesday morning and sent dad merrily on his way to see Dr. Jennifer King. Dad hit a deer about 4 miles down the road, but we just switched pick-ups and away he went. We are going to AI Pistol this year to Playdox.

Today the Fantasy Stables ladies will be out for a fun Easter photo shoot. We are excited to see and play their new game that they will be releasing this summer. Stay tuned!

This week’s old west saying is “Hair in the Butter” which is a delicate situation. Sometimes when you are out checking horses, you find yourself with some hair in the butter.


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