Another Busy Week

Toni and our cousin, Leslie, were at Washington Cattlemen’s Convention this week. Leslie and Toni both are chairs for committees within the WCA and have meetings to head and speakers at the main WCA convention. Toni also spoke at the Cattlewomen’s annual convention on Thursday and is the chair of the Water and Ecology section. Mom, Dad, Kade and Jaxsen also got to go down on Friday. Our Grandpa and Grandma, Mom’s parents, also go to the WCA Convention. Grandpa has been actively involved since 1951 and has not missed very many meetings.

Luckily, due to the way the holidays work, the WCA Convention fell on the perfect week. Toni did chores and worked on the foals before she took off on Wednesday night. She stayed down there that night because she was the MC and speaking Thursday morning starting at 7:30. Then I had Thursday and Friday off from work, so I was able to do chores and everything else around the place. Timing is everything!

On Thursday we sent KT A Beneilli Girl to her new home in the Yakima area and started halter breaking 38 Special, Uptown, Double Pecan and Smashed Again. So far the 4 being halter broke have been great. Double Pecan went to the vet on Tuesday to get coggins tested. Cee also went so that the vet could look at his neck. His neck is healing nicely so not much was done. One small piece of skin was cut off, but otherwise we were instructed to keep on treating him as we have been. Goldy and Sagebug also made trips to the vet on Friday. Good thing Sagehill Vet Clinic is only 20 minutes away. We seem to be there quite a bit with all of the foals headed out of state.

On Saturday we worked the bull and steer calves. That only leaves the cows and heifers left to do. Kaine, Kade, and Toni rode getting the calves in. Anna, Kicker, Ben and I worked and weighed the calves with Toni and the boys gathering pens and getting them ready to be worked. It was windy and cold but all of the kids really enjoy being outside and working with the livestock. Sonny even got on a horse for a bit (under supervision). Kade and Kaine have really expressed a strong interest in continuing to raise cattle and riding. Anna has talked about it as well, and has talked about vet school. They are all still young, so it is just talk at this point.

One of the joys of any livestock convention is seeing the new products and talking to people. Chuck Cox left Zoetis after many years, leaving an opening. Even though it was a cattlemen’s convention Zoetis sent their equine specialist. We had a great chat with him about horses and hope that he is able to come out soon. He actually lives in WA and has family from the Basin City area. Another potential find was a probiotic treatment that can be given at any time. We were given a free tube which has multiple doses. Today we gave it to 2 of the 4 in the halter breaking pen and Smokey. We thought giving it to those three would allow us to see if there is any immediate change. The salesman said that it does well with colicing horses. We like to use Immediate Response for colic and probably will not switch. The big disappointment was that I am still searching for a replacement for Granulex as a topical wound treatment. The FDA no longer allows Granulex to be sold in the US. Really there is no better topical. If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on. We have a whole self of products in the shed that we have tried or are currently trying. We hear Underwood is really good. We have ordered some.

We hauled 7 more mares out to winter pasture. We are still deworming as we go, but have gotten most of the horses done. With 7 less in the pasture next to the house we went ahead and turned out the last yearling filly, Lemon Drop with the big horses. That was an eye opener for her! We sold Red Hot on Sunday and she headed off to her new home.

Volleyball season for grade school has also started, so Anna is playing volleyball and has her first match under her belt. Great job girls.


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