Living the Dream

We are going to try to keep this up once a week.

            Life is great, the foals we are halter breaking have been doing very well; and it is always great to see them head off to their new homes with their new families. Three foals left Sunday and Monday, Bliss, Fooler and Quinn. Four more got weaned, Chrome, Blurose, Con and Smoke E. We also sorted out the heifers we want to keep, the heifers we want to sell as replacement heifers and the cull heifers. We turned all the heifers back out except the cull heifers. We also sorted the bulls and banded around half of them. Now we need to sort back through the steers and pick out the show steers. It sounds like the kids already have their eye on a couple.

We also pulled Gunner out of his mares this weekend and he and Maggie Eilers are up on the hill. Gunners mares were put in circle 6 with some cows and the dry mares are getting turned back out onto the desert. There is still a lot of grass out there and that way we can wait longer before we have to start feeding hay. Gunner and Maggie are not that thrilled with being locked in.

Since we are in football and soccer season, we also get the pleasure of spending Saturday mornings watching Grid Kids Football. Kaine is on ¾ Purple and Kade is on ¾ Gold. Jaxsen plays soccer, so some weekday afternoons we get to watch Jaxsen kick a ball around.

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