Last Weekend

Since we all work off of the ranch as well as on it, our weekends are normally jam-packed with fun. So per the norm, we have more scheduled than hours in the day. Toni and I headed to a function on Saturday, Ben was working, Kicker took Kade to him football game, and Coco and Anna took Kaine to his football game. Ben got off of work early, so he decided to wean the bull calves. So as of Saturday night, everything went perfect and according to plan.

Sunday morning I am working on the website, Toni is getting everything ready at her house for Kade’s birthday party, and Kaine comes in to tell me that the gate was knocked down and the bull calves are gone. So I send out a group text to Ben, Toni, and Kicker telling them that the bull calves are missing, then Kaine and I and set out in the blazer looking for the calves, we of course head straight towards their moms. Our circles are numbered, the one behind my house is 4, next is 5, then 6, 7, and 8. The moms to the calves are in 6. As we are driving I see it looks like there are some in  4, some in 5, some in 6, and some in 7.

So we start out around 7 to push the calves there back to 6, and proceed to run over a piece of pipe and get a flat tire. We then walk the rest of the way to mom and dads and get the 4 wheelers and start back out. Kicker calls to see where we are at, then comes down to help.  We end up getting all of the cows in to sort the bull calves off, so we decide, hey, everything is in, we might as well wean them all.

After we get them all in we take a break for Kade’s birthday party. Toni made a fantastic lasagna. After the party Toni, Kicker, and I head back down to sort calves.  Now, we have calves in every nook and cranny, since we were not quite ready to wean yet, and need to do some fence repair in some pens. We also have show steers left taking up space.  Bottom line is, that if anyone wants to buy some beef, we have some available!  2 steers fat and ready to go.

After all of that Toni, Coco, and I got to go and halter Bliss, Fooler and Quinn and start halter breaking them.  The fun (really the work) never ends here. Luckily we try to see the fun in it.

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