This week is kind of a weak sauce blog, so I apologize. However, I feel like it is Toni’s fault. Why you ask? Because that makes it more amusing to me. And since it is my blog, that is all that matters.

Reason #1 the blog is weak, I was gone most of last week. Sunday Ben and I left early for our trip to Idaho to attend Ben’s sister-in-law Trisha Gail’s funeral. Her funeral was on Monday, it was a well-attended service. From Toni on Monday, at 8:38, the power is out. It came back on. At 11:46, are you going to post today? I said, I thought I had scheduled one, can you take care of it? Sure, it is better then what I am doing right now. At 3:45 I read Toni’s post and text her, I had not seen the video of King being ridden, that looks good. She said I tried sending it to you, and one of the donkey. At 7:24 she texts she renamed Freckled Son to Ol Son.

                On Tuesday we came home, Ben drove faster then 2 weeks before, we made it in record time. At 7:34 Toni texted that Kade has a game at 4. My coworker Bob dropped my new earrings he made me off at Tonis. Mom and dad went to town for Dr appts. On the drive back Ben saw that there were two donkeys going through the Hermiston horse sale, so I texted our good friend Roberta to see if they would make good halter breaking donkeys, so said they would but I missed them, they already sold. I got home in time to help the kids with chores and Toni to go to the game. She said that Jordan has ridden Tank about 5 times.

On Wednesday I left for a work conference at the Davenport at 6:30. Ben drove me to Connell so I could meet my coworkers and catch a ride. The donkey videos came though Monday morning. Toni worked on Blackie’s colt and Firecracker.

Thursday I was still in Spokane. Toni and dad took Firecraker and Frank Again to Sheena at Sagehill vet to get their travel papers to go to California. Toni texted me that we have two more mares booked to King, I told her to add them to my list. I need to check to see if she has done it. Kade had another game on Thursday. Toni and dad loaded Quinn in the trailer before she left. Toni sent me a long amusing Jaxsen text, he can be very amusing.

Friday Chad texted Toni and said he was coming out to trim horses, she asked me when I was going to be home, she had a lot of legal issues burning she needed to put out. I said our meeting gets out at noonish, so 2ish. I got home in time to help at the very end. That is the best way to help, at the very end.

Party is over on Saturday. We woke up Saturday, checked cows and I got to see all of the new calves. Now that Anna is driving she has time to check cows before she goes to school. Kaine has been going early to lift weights to prepare for 2022 Football season. Then Anna and I went to Bob’s in Kennewick to pick up the minis. Ben and Kaine went and got more straw. Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen spent the day at basketball playoffs, they had fun. Mom and dad went in for a bit too. After lunch Ben and the kids put the straw in the barn, I uploaded pics we took that morning checking cows. Then we went down and did chores.

Sunday we checked and Ben got stuck, Kaine had to come out and rescue us. Then Toni and Kade came down and we got the cows in and sorted out the heavy heifers. We moved the yearlings over to circle 7 on a different alfalfa field. Then it was chore time and we put up mom and dads tree after.

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