It is HOT HOT HOT. Sorry this is later then normal.

Toni and the kids had a busy Monday. Toni worked in the AM getting ready for a trial, Kade rode his bike down and Anna, Kaine and Kade washed their steers and heifers, Jaxsen came down after lunch and washed Dagger. Anna started cleaning out the camper. Toni and the kids went and got Strawberry in and took her down to Gunner. They found out his fence was down again, some cows had gotten in, Gunner also found this out, and ran to the trailer, fought with Jackpot over the fence and broke the fence, and followed the trailer back down to his pen.  Strawberry unloaded great and was so happy to be back in “her” pen with her sister. There are a couple of mares that we have that feel they belong in the Gunner herd and she is one of them.  Toni and the kids fixed the fence then drove around and looked at everything. None of the kids would ride in Toni’s pu because it lacks ac and sometimes the windows won’t roll down, so it is pretty hot. Then they moved Double and Cleo down to the corral. Put Tank and his mares in the pen that Double had been in and let King and his mares out of the corral, adding the majority of Double’s mares that we are worried he didn’t get bred. Dad helped them move everyone and distracted Rocky from leaving his pen by scratching him with a stick at the right moment. That is about the time I got there. We put Goldie and her baby in with the old mares, before we move her out with Sagebug, and turned Jitterbug back out. Then the 4 kids went to my house and cleaned out the barn and fed their steers and heifers. Toni and I waited at mom and dads for Gerry and Kaylen to come and get Sammy and take him and try him out for a week. Toni got home and found a little black kitten, and decided they had a new cat.

Tuesday Jackpot was out in the alfalfa field, the kids got him in and fixed the fence. The owners to Toni’s new kitten showed up, looking for their kitten, so Toni is back down to their one cat. Dad went to Palouse to get more pellets before he starts wheat harvest. Kade rode his bike down so they could wash their steers and heifers. He clipped his silver steer for the show on Sunday.

Wednesday was another hot day. The kids got their steers and heifers washed in the morning, and Anna rinsed hers again in the afternoon. The kids fixed fence in Jackpot’s pen again and continued to clean out the camper.  Sonny came and got Jeannie’s yearling colt, Bar, so we are really down to just the yearling colts we are keeping.  Bar loaded really really well considering the trailer smelled like pigs since Sonny had just taken a load  of pigs to market. The kids started to record their videos for the Nile Heifer program Wednesday night.

Thursday dad took the three older kids and Leslie went into Kaffrins in Connell to learn how to make cold brew to take with us to Jr Nationals in Nebraska, and Kaffrins said she would donate 3 gallons, and we could just pay cost for anything over. Thank you Kaffrins, that is very nice of you, we all really appreciate it. Dad was headed to a funeral, so he dropped the kids off, and Leslie brought them home.  Toni went to Central Ferry for a meeting on a Federal case and was there for a shorter time than planned due to the nature of the meeting. The kids then continued with their washing and recording. They have been working hard on getting their Nile Merit Heifer applications in.

Friday the heat continued. The kids worked on their animals, built fence, and then did chores. Ben took the day off work to smoke meat to take to a retirement party. While the meat was smoking they took the heifers going to Nebraska in to the vet to get health papers done, a bull to get semen checked and paperwork done to go out of state and a heifer into preg check. Then they went and picked them up in the afternoon. Anna went to the Basin City Freedom Rodeo with her friend Brandi and Brandi’s mom Stacy. They met her friend Josie there and Josie’s mom Holly. Holly talked Anna and Josie into doing the calf scramble. Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen went to my house to do their cattle chores, and Kicker came down to help them.  Ben, Toni, Marlo and I went to the retirement party, Marlo was our DD. We had a great time, and it was in Scootney park where it was shady but hot. Ben did a great job on the meat and had kudos from everyone.  As we had raised all the beef used for the party, it was nice to hear how great it turned out, but we expect nothing less! 

Saturday Kicker and Jaxsen went to Lake Concunully (sp??) to hang out with the parents, brother and sil. Anna, Kaine and Kade worked on their heifers and steers in the morning. Then Kade rode his bike home to move the horses and harrow the pasture. Ben and Anna went to Moses Lake and got misters to put on the fans, and some more supplies to hang up the fans. When Anna got home she went with Josie back to the rodeo to work at it for their FFA Chapter. Rob came and got some meat, so I loaded him out.  We did chores a little early, then went to the Basin City rodeo and met Marlo there. Kaine and Kade participated in the calf scramble, and had a lot of fun. We watched the rodeo until around 8 and then went home to turn the show cattle out. Because of the heat they are staying in the barn under the fans until late to try to get them to eat.

Sunday the kids worked on steers and heifers again. Then Anna and I went down and fixed fence in Gunners pen, the cows got in there again. We noticed a Hereford calf missing and went looking for him. Then for lunch we went over to Connell to celebrate Kasen’s birthday. They had a big slip and slide and the boys had a lot of fun on it. Then I told them we had to leave to go and finish working on their show heifers. Around 4:30 we went down to do chores and move Goldie out with Sagebug. Then the kids went back to my house to finish up their videos and upload them so I can submit them on Monday.

If you get a chance, google Dale Brisby Things a Cowboy Don’t Say. Super funny. I thought the best statement in the video was “Cows Equal Wealth.”  Or “It is always best to let your horse do what they want.” On the cows equal wealthy, that is true in a way.  A commonly said statement here is we are asset rich and money poor, meaning we have lots of livestock. Great news is that according to Dale Brisby we are wealthy, so that is great to know. 

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