“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” –Abraham Lincoln

Monday started out as a pretty good day. It was a little chilly, but let’s face it, it is December. It is the first of the month so I am working on financial statements at work. Toni and Anna go the halters on Ty and Double Shot, they said they were pretty good, they both did better than Ruthless I. But, he is a little hotter type of colt then they are. But then it all went to hell in a hand basket after that. I had weaned the three babies off of the older mares the day before, and apparently I had not double and triple checked the panels, I had not checked them all since I had checked them a few days before when I had put Jackpot in the pen for a few hours. Anyway, they got out and Kool Kat was fatally injured. Also, Sunday when we were checking bulls I noticed T826 was missing. We looked all over the pen, in with the cow, in with the heifers, no sign of him. Ben, Kicker and Jay found him, he had died and was in a hole and 90% eaten by coyotes. So no way of knowing how he died. So, Monday ended terribly, but, sometimes that is how things go in life, you have to learn to take the bad days with the good. Hopefully this is not how December goes.

Tuesday dad had shoulder surgery so Toni was up early to take him in. The surgery went great and dad was home Tuesday night when I got home. The kids were supposed to have chores done when Toni and dad got there but the 4 wheeler would not start. So Toni had to help them switch 4 wheelers and they did chores.

Wednesday through Friday I was in Spokane at a WSWRA conference. I learned lots of new things and had a lot of fun. Wednesday at home, Kade had math team after school. So Anna, Kaine and Jaxsen did chores. Then Toni took Anna and Kaine home after she got there. Dad is doing better, but still in a lot of pain. Thursday Toni was in meetings for court on Friday, so Kade and Kaine did chores, Anna was sick, and Jaxsen might have been there, Kade di d not say when he was giving me the report. I was home Friday at around 2. Anna was till sick, Jaxsen fed Double and Kaine, Kade and I did chores. The two bigger boys have been doing a great job making sure everything gets watered and draining the hose while dad has been out. Toni got down there in time to get Jaxsen and take him to his last cub scout meeting.

Saturday was a typical busy December day. We tagged the calves that have been born, 1 Angus bull and 1 Hereford heifer. Ben and Kaine went to Moses Lake to get farm diesel for the White tractor. Anna and I cleaned up outside around the house. John H. texted and had some great deal on a buckskin Doc Bar granddaughter, so he brought her out. Toni ran Jaxsen in to a birthday party. Ben and I put out grass bales. John got there with the mare, we did chores and then Toni went to get Jaxsen. While feeding at the corral John, Anna and I could not find Smoke, the pony from when Toni and I were little. We looked all over until it got dark. There was a bad spot in the fence so we thought she got out with the rest of the horses, we drove around looking out there until dark, no Smoke. Toni and Kicker had a Simplot party, so Kade and Jaxsen went home with me.

Sunday was another productive day. Leslie took Kaine, Kade, Anna and cousins Christmas shopping for their parents. It has been an annual tradition since they were little, and they had a great time. Dark Knights, Kade’s cow that was a show heifer, was calving and looked like she was having issues, so we got her in. Ben and I pulled the calves and she had twin bulls by Basin Yuma. Nicole texted and wanted them named after her, so Kade named them Nic and Cole. Then, Ben and I ran to Lowes to get supplies for a home remodel that Ben is doing. We went to Basin Feed to get milk to one of the twins and they had the cutest little puppies, toy size, so they fit in your pocket. We got back, then Toni and I got the mares in and took the last 7 out to winter pasture. Leslie came and got Luna, the last outside mare to leave, or she took her after she dropped off the kids. And guess what, Smoke was back in her pen, just fine from wherever she had gone. I am assuming out in the winter pasture with the horses. They are out on buckwheat with a lake and a lot of Russian Olive trees at the bottom. Also on Sunday night, 108 was calving and we had another Angus bull calf.

Normally I send this to Toni and she proof reads it and corrects my grammar, but is not available, so you will just have to read the rough draft. Also, Toni adds everything I forgot, so the forgotten stuff is still forgotten.

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