Oh Monday, where did the weekend go? The weekend went by in such a blur.

Oh Monday, where did the weekend go? The weekend went by in such a blur I don’t even know what we did. Whim and yearling colts are getting along great, he is like their big brother. We are still waiting on the last three mares to foal, Comet, Frieda and Kool. Two of those, and maybe all three, will get bred when they foal because they are old, so it does not really matter when they foal, we are just happy that they do. Monday when I got home from chores the calves were still tied, Ben and Kicker were out fixing circles, so the kids and I let them go. The calves did really well, Jaxsen even led his little May heifer.

Woke up Tuesday to three of the clubby steers in the yard, if anyone wonders why I don’t have flowers, that is why. The three older kids washed their steers early to go over to Connell and work on Hereford heifers, and then they went to a Science program in at the library. Dad had to get some parts in Connell to he swung out and picked them up. Kaine, Anna, Kicker, Ben and I let the calves go, with the storm coming they were not as good as they had been.

FINALLY anther foal Wednesday, Kool had a cute filly by High Shootin Gun. Toni, Kicker and the boys went to Seattle for a mini vacation to watch the Mariners game. Anna and Kaine tied up and washed the steers. Wednesday was basically my Friday since I didn’t have to go back to work, so it was the best Wednesday ever.

Happy 4th Everyone! Out cousins came over, and Skip, Erina and Terry, and we went paddle boating and rode the inflatable bull, or attempted to. Toni, Kicker and the boys drove back from Seattle on the 4th and stopped at a few places and then went and pulled the flags for boy scouts.

The kids had a Jay Team show at Desert Classic on the 6th, so on the 5th we packed up the trailer and then I took them over to Connell and they spent the night with Leslie. Leslie took them out for pizza and Italian Sodas, then the twins came and they worked on heifers. Toni and I decided it was time to start working on the 2 year olds, Charlie and Yo. Friday we just caught them, worked on them giving, and Toni laid across their backs. Charlie is a little bit more stubborn, but they are both really really good so far. The biggest drama is the four yearlings that want to be part of the action. You can’t put a blanket or anything on the fence or they take it down. They are like vultures waiting outside the fence for their “turn.”

The kids were up and at it early on the 6th to get to Hermiston. They had a great time and Kade was the Grand champion Jr Showman, good job Kade. Anna also made it back to the champion round in showmanship. Kade and Anna also won their market class and made it back to the championship round in market as well. Kaine’s steer, Dodge, just isn’t acting very good right now. Kaine is going to switch to his other steer for the rest of the jackpots and give Dodge a break.

Also on Saturday, Ben, mom, dad and I went to cousin Traci’s house for a big 4th of July BBQ. We had a lot of fun. Ben had to fix two circles before we left and we left early because him and Kicker had another circle to work on. Toni and Kicker stayed home and worked, Toni has a big court case coming up. Also on the 7th Frieda had a nice palomino colt by Dude. Now we only have one mare left to foal, Comet. While I went and got the kids picked up after their show, Toni decided to sit on Yo and Charlie and put a blanket on them. Again, they both did really great. Jitterbug also had the blanket put on her because she wanted to be included.

Sunday the kids washed all of the steers, heifers and calves, it took most of the day. The also worked on their steers. After getting done with the 24 head of show cattle, we let them stay home while we went to do chores. We wormed and West Niled the four mares that had foaled and turned them out. We are getting ready to go get Colonel to try to breed Kool to him. Instead of working on the 2 year olds, we had a family meeting to get a plan together for what we are going to farm in 2020. We did pack a saddle in for them to smell and mess with, but Jitter started biting on it, so we turned them out. Toni also got a portion of her big case settled on Saturday, so she is back in a fence building mode. Lucky us?

We have another full week starting up. The kids have showing clinics this weekend and then 2 shows in a row the following 2 weekends, then we get a break. Slave driver Anna is going to make everyone work on that show string to get it ready for these July shows, which everyone is fine with except Sonny, that kid does not want to work on the show string.

Dad is also starting wheat harvest this week so we are all pretty busy. With the majority of the foals on the ground, now is a great time to come look at them if anyone needs a baby fix.

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