Sun, sun, where are you?

Another hectic Monday, but the kids DID have school. Not only did they have school, but I had an email when I got to work from Anna’s ag teacher that they had CDE regionals after school. So mom and dad went and got her clothes and ran them into school for her. Her friend Daisy went too. Cousin Kendel needed our bottle calf to put on her cow, so her and Toby came down and got her and she is happy to have a mom. Toni tried to let the foals out to run around in the sun today, but the Jersey Norman kept trying to come in the barn and lay on their new straw Toni gave them, so it was a cluster. One of Maria’s calves was frozen to the ground in the morning as it was 9 degree weather, so Toni met her with a bottle of milk to feed it and try to get it moving. We have a yearling bull that slipped on the ice and hurt his back leg, so now he is in the barn too. And we also have to figure out where to separate the cows too to breed them starting next weekend. We don’t have a lot of places right now that have water and that we can get too to in the pickup to feed them. It definitely does not feel like the week of March 4th. When Toni, Kade and Kaine went out to do chores the fence was broken around the hay stack again, so that needed fixing. Kaine and I went home to water and feed the animals in the barn and let the mares back in. It was a chore keeping Norman the Jersey out and the show steers and get the mares in. Sally calved yesterday, and her calf did not nurse, so Ben and Kicker tubed in with colostrum. We had a heifer calve, a KM Broken Bow 002 daughter, Ben and Kicker put her in the barn since it is her first calf and it was so cold out. 548 and 508T also calved, both of their calves got up and nursed right away and did great. Anna got home from her FFA competition at around 9:30, I picked up her and Daisy and met Maria. A sheriff saw Maria sitting along the road waiting for us so he stopped to ask her if she was stuck. Ben and Kicker did not get in until 9:30-10 from feeding and getting all of the calves situated. Then Ben was up all night checking the cows since it was so cold, I told him I would have switched and he could have slept but he said he could not sleep anyway. The stress level is getting to be too much for all of us! Even when we think we have enough straw down, the animals situated correctly, we are all up wondering if we missed something.

Tuesday, it was still cold and did not feel like March. It was dress up like your favorite Dr Seuss character at the elementary school so Kade make costumes for himself and Sonny. Overall it was a pretty good day, we had one calf, a cute Hereford heifer out of a Times A Wastin daughter and by our 10Y son. I asked who was going to show her and Toni said she was. I told her she was no longer a Jr and she told me she was forever 21, so she still qualified. Toni and the kids had chores done when I got home, we just had the stuff in the barn to do when we got home. Ben and Kicker were actually in by around 7:30.

Wednesday, the snow was back……..And then the rain came………then back to snow. Boy scouts was canceled due to the weather. Kicker took the kids to school, Toni and the kids did chores. Toni got some cool pictures of the mares in the ice storm with her new camera. Like Larry O, a neighbor, said in his twitter post, as bad as it is, just think of how bad it would have been 50 years ago, no pickup, no spotlight, no heater, you are out checking for new calves on horseback, trying to get through the snow and ice. It really makes you appreciate what you have.

Thursday was a great day, the sun is shining and it got to 40. Ben sorted off the cows that need to have their cidrs pulled at 8 on Friday morning. Toni and the kids did chores, minus Jaxen of course. The two mares and foals enjoyed being turned out with the steers in the sun shine. Toni, the kids and I all went down to put them back in the barn for the night to put straw out. Toni and the kids had to actually go out and get them in, they did not want to come back. We made Jaxsen help put straw out, you would think we made him shovel the whole driveway. But, he did help somewhat with a grumpy look on his face. He reminds us he doesn’t have to like animals!

Friday morning dad texted that Cleo foaled, good girl waiting for a nice day. I am VERY disappointed it was a colt, but very happy that it was a grullo. We would really like Cleo to have another filly for us. Mom thinks we need to keep him for another stallion prospect. Toni and Ben pulled the CIDRS bright and early in the cold, but from how the weather has been it could have been colder. Since Cleo had foaled Toni went out and checked the mares, Mocha did not want to be found and she had to hike to her. But she had not foaled. And as we keep saying, to ourselves and everyone else that will listen, the weather could be worse.

Saturday we ran the AI cows in and gave them shots. Then we went out to check on the mares and found Ceecee and her foal, so we went back and got the trailer and got her and Mocha in. We moved the old mares at mom and dads over a pen and put all of the mares and foals, and Mocha in the front pen. We had to shovel out some of the gates to get that plan to work, snow drifts are still all over even with a couple of sunny days. The mares and foals have 2 big grass straw bales and a shed with straw in it. And a bull, just in case they need a bull. All four colts are now at Mom and Dads in the front pasture along with Mocha. Then we got the cows in again and sorted off the Herefords and the second AI group, we put the Hereford cows and Eric, our 10Y son, down in circle 5 with the horses. Then we ran the AI cows in again and sorted off the bull calves so when the cows started to come in heat they would not ride. Next, we went down to do chores.

After chores we had a birthday party for Kicker, we had pizza, 2 pies and a lemon torte.

Sunday we got up bright and early, especially since it is the best day of the year with spring forward. Toni and Kicker put out big bales. Ben, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I got the heavy cow pen in and sorted out the cows that had calved, tagged the calves and turned them out. Then we got the AI cows back in and sorted them into AI groups, so it would be faster when Mark got there to AI. We went in and had a lunch break then were ready when Mark got there. Mark brought an extra person, Alex, so AIing went really fast. We got done in record time and then put the Herefords down in circle 5 and the Angus out in the corn field with Bub, our KR Direct Deposit son. Then Toni, Anna, Kade, Sonny and I went down and got Twiggy and Shadie and took them back to put with Mocha to watch. We need to move a few more mares, but we can’t get to the corral down in Circle 5 yet due to snow. Shadie and Twiggy are two that we can walk out and catch and we had to lead them up the hill because of how soft the road is. We are now feeding the mares and the Herefords in Circle 5, but until we have this snow off the ground, we have to feed. Hopefully this snow melts soon. We hear the forecast is for more snow and potentially freezing rain on Tuesday. But we are trying to stay positive that this is the last and we can see spring around the corner.

And we are getting great reports back from Josh and Crystal regarding Sagebug. He is doing great, Josh has been opening gates off of him and riding him down the road.

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