Then today we woke to snow.

Since I do not have personal halter breaking knowledge of the three foals that are in right now, Pow, Cole, and Hollywood Cad, I can only post about what I hear. Since Anna is helping Toni, they all must be doing very well. Pow has always been a pet, her mom was AIed, so she was never turned out very far, she spend a month or so up at Dr. King’s vet clinic, possibly having a halter on there, so she is doing great. Her main issue is she thinks she is a pet and is unsure why she is being haltered and treated like a horse. And she is amazingly lazy. She is out of KR Gun Powder and Hottie, so we cannot figure out what she is so lazy. Anna started working with her on Tuesday. But don’t be confused, she is still Kaine’s filly. He just isn’t doing the work on her for some reason. He says it is because Toni doesn’t yell at him to go out and help. Toni says she shouldn’t have to yell at him to go out and help. Anna wants to help, so Anna goes out and helps. It is funny how that works out. Cole is Cole, once he smells you he does pretty well. Cole is super solid built, lots of bulk and muscle that he knows how to use. Luckily he doesn’t want to bolt that hard, he just likes to test people. Hollywood Cad wants to be a people pleaser, he just does not accept it all the way yet. This is a colt that absolutely loves attention, super soft, lots of give, really smart, Toni and Anna both think he is the greatest colt. Pow and Hollywood Cad will get turned back out today. They catch, lead, and tie, so they are done for now. This week Toni and Anna are working on Chips and Dualin Pistols. Both are in and ready to go. They actually got started a couple of days ago. If we have easy ones, we have 2 pens we can use for halter breaking, but Toni prefers to just do one pen at a time.

The calves like the house the kids and the unnamed person and I made them. Especially with all of this cold, frozen fog, rain, and now icy snow that we have on the ground. That calf house with some straw in it really works.

I was in Spokane Wednesday through Friday last week at a work conference, it was fun. But, it is always great to be back home.

We started calving on Friday, Anna’s show heifer Amora had a nice heifer calf by Stingray. Then on Sunday we had a heifer calf by Musgraves Stunner. And there are lots more that look heavy. Hopefully they wait until Wed when it is supposed to warm up a little. Ben is home checking everything now, so if one of them does start to calve, they can get brought in the barn.

Saturday Chad Whetzel came out and trimmed a few horses (9). Then, we had to get ready for our November, December, January family birthday party. Since the bowling alley is closed we had a game night in the show barn. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday we had Kaine’s birthday party since Skip was already up for the other party. Then we hauled the last load of mares out to the desert. We also only kept two riding horses in, Ollie and Riley since pretty much anyone will ride those two, and took the other 5 out too.


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