Cold weather, who cares! Toni does, we just can’t let it slow her down.

As everyone knows by now, daylight savings officially ended on Sunday, November 4. Super sad day. That means that I no longer get home in the light, Toni and the kids, and whoever else she can find to help, start chores at 4 to try to get done before we lose the ability to see. Monday Toni, the kids and Coco worked on the foals and did chores. They started chores a bit late, as the adjustment to the time had not quite kicked in. So it was decided that 4 pm start times was the absolute latest chores could start. Especially because we are still halter breaking, and doctoring 2 heads and 1 eye.

Tuesday we were on pins and needles due to a family member having a surgery that ended up going well. Tuesday Toni also had some people come by to look at the bull calves we have for sale. Coco took off for CA, so Toni and the kids did chores.
Wednesday Toni went down to Court in the morning, came back and worked on the foals, then went to the WCA conference in Tri-Cities and was gone through Friday. The kids, Anna, Kaine and Kade (not Jaxsen) did a great job of doing chores all week. Jaxsen got to start cub scouts this week, he was VERY EXCITED to get to join. His best friend Luke is also in cub scouts, so they have a great time. AND someone there let Sonny use a knife. He got to carve a piece of soap. Kaine, Kade and the rest of the boy scouts (not Jaxsen since he does not have his shirt yet) got to carry the flag at the Veterans Day assembly at school. Uncle Skip came down from St. John for the school Veterans Day assembly which we really appreciate. The kids have wanted him to come for years. They were very proud to honor the Veterans. Kade and Jaxsen also got to go home with me at night this week so we have been having a Just Dance Party every night. That Jaxsen is quite the dancer.

Saturday Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I started working the cows, we worked most of them on Saturday. Kade helped Ben, he filled up syringes and went and got medicine for him, Kaine helped me doing the same, and Anna helped Kicker bring cows up and wrote down numbers. Jaxsen helped Toni, they sent Bubbles, Dodge and Coco bean to their new homes and weaned Mario and Princess Peach.

Sunday Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I finished working the cows, then Whitney came over and took Anna, Kaine, Kade and Jaxsen over for Ady’s birthday party. Ben and Kicker also helped me get the horses in from circle 4 and I hauled them down to the house. Dad helped me wean Ruby and King of Blue. Toni had some documents that she needed to work on, but didn’t get much done because she ended up showing 2 groups of people some horses we had for sale. Then, Toni went and got the kids and we got a load of mares in to take out to the desert. Dad and I hauled them out while Toni and the kids did chores. Saturday and Sunday were pretty cold days. It may be time to pull the longjohns out.

Monday was a holiday, so no school. Anna, Kaine, Kade and I haltered the steers we have at the house. Then, we built a calf shelter for the 4 bottle calves. Next, I took the boys to Toni’s and Anna and I went down and had lunch with Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom and got groceries. Toni loaded out June, who loaded like a champ. Monday afternoon we got Freckles and Eagle in to start halter breaking this week. Double wanted his blanket on, so we put his winter blanket on him to keep him warmer. Today is still cold, but the outlook is good for no one getting a break here on this ranch!

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