It is starting to feel like Fall

Normally I try to start this blog and continue through the week so I don’t forget what we did. But, this last week has been so hectic I forgot, and I JUST remembered we haven’t done it yet.

Monday Toni and I worked on Sherriff and Ragnar to get them ready to leave Saturday and Sunday. Kaine had practice Monday but Kade did not, so we had to shuffle Kaine around to get him there. Tuesday we had Dr. Hank Wisse come out and preg check some heifers and semen test a bull. Kaine’s show heifer from last year was open, so that sucked. The majority of the heifers were bred, so we called our prospective buyers for the replacement heifers to get them scheduled to come out. Then Kaine had Football game and Kade had practice. Kaine’s team finally won one, Yea. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday just working on the colts, football practice. Jaxsen had a soccer match. Our Aunt Peggy had surgery on Monday (she has posted about it on FB so not a violation of her privacy to put it here). Mom and Toni went to see her and took her flowers. Peggy is fighting cancer, but we know that she will win.

Jeanne came down on Wednesday and grabbed up a couple of horses for her and Sonny to ride. They seem to be short on horses this year, so we volunteered to send them a couple! Jeanne also brought a kitten for Anna. That was clearly not fair, so I went and found a kitten for Kaine. Ben hasn’t been getting home very early because of harvest, and was really surprised when he came home that night to two new kittens in the house. It was really funny. Mittens was not impressed with the kittens either.

Friday was Dad’s birthday. Toni and Mom had picked up a cake in town, along with some salad. We all ate at Toni’s house that night to celebrate Dad’s 73rd birthday. We had a big meal, followed by a cake that could feed 20, but only fed 10. We all like cake.

Kade had a game Saturday, they won, yea, and Kaine’s was canceled. So mom and Toni went into the football game and I stayed home, I had a person coming out to look at bulls at 9, a horse person at 10:30, a heifer person at 1:30 and a horse person at 2:30. DynaMight did great at 10:30, thanks Biz for buying Dynamight, it looks like she found a great home. Two bred heifers left to a repeat buyer, thanks John and Lisa, we always appreciate your business. And then Ragnar loaded like a rock star at 2:30. I also sold one of Toni’s favorite bulls at 9. While I was doing all of this Ben, Anna and Kaine were working the feeder calves and the heifers.

Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen headed to a Mariners game after Kade’s big win, it was Kade’s birthday weekend and that was what he wanted to do for his birthday. They had a great time and Kade was happy. Sonny wanted to know on the third batter in when the game was going to be over. But he did enjoy the food.

On Sunday Tina, Leslie and Brian came and got Sheriff, he also loaded like a champ. Now we have two colts gone and we get to start halter breaking the next two, Magnum and Big Iron. This is our first noncolor themed group. We had three palominos, two buckskins, now a buckskin and a bay roan BUT both are out of Gunner, so maybe that is the theme? Next week we are back to two palominos. Sunday Toni was back and she weaned Golden and Flatliner. Also on Sunday, 25 year old Abbie surprised us with a little filly. She winters with Double so they both can have lots of grain hay all winter. Any baby Abbie gives us now is just a blessing.

We have soccer, football, colts leaving, calves leaving, and more weaning scheduled for this week. The weather has really turned, so we now in getting ready for winter mode. We have had our Bluegrass brought in and working on getting the rest of the hay home. Still lots of work to do, but no rest of the wicked.

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