I am a little behind getting this written.

I am a little behind getting this written. Wednesday one of Kade’s cows, “Sweet Apple,” had a cute Hereford bull calf by Rocky. I would like to say we are not disappointed that it is not a heifer. But we are. She has had two black white faced heifer calves in a row, so I guess it was too much to ask for another heifer. Also, we got the yearling colts in and West Niled them and wormed them. We also took new pictures of Major and Whim, both are still for sale if you are looking for a summer project. They are also huge. The good news is that they both remembered that they are halter broke. Smokey was perfect, but that isn’t new. He is considerably smaller than the other two, but even when you feed an orphan the way mom did, they still take forever to catch up.

Friday was my Friday off, so I took mineral out to most of the horses and cows. I may or may have not gotten temporarily stalled in Gunners pen, due to some run off last year that made a small ditch that I had forgotten about. Also, cousins Linda and Patricia showed up Friday night on their way home (to California) from visiting Yellowstone, Glacier and the Tetons National Parks. It is on Patricia’s bucket list to visit ALL of the National parks in the US, so they go to a few every year. Patricia and Jaxsen also got into a would you rather contest, on who can come up with the most extreme, would you rather have a short faced bear or a grizzly bear in your back yard. That type of thing. Dinosaurs also played a big part in the hypotheticals. Patricia never seems to get tired of Sonny’s far reaching imagination.

Believe it or not, Patricia wanted to build fence while she was here, so we decided to FINALLY finish the fence on Hendricks Rd. So Saturday we had a LONG day of fencing and sunburns. Luckily Chad showed up to shoe my horse so I got to adios vaminoos at about 2. The rest of the family and the kids kept at it until the fence was up enough that the pasture could be turned back out. We used that 5 foot no crawl horse fence. It is expensive, but it is good for a perimeter fence. I was nice and also put fronts on Fancy, to take more time so I did not have to get back to fencing.

Then we had “The Twins” graduation party Saturday night, and for course we had a good time there. We are going to miss our Twinners as they head to Oklahoma for college. People ask what we are going to do without them. We really don’t know. Literally, no idea.

Sunday, Ben, Kaine, Anna, Patricia and I built a horse fence for the riding horses so we could get them out on grass and stop feeding them. Then we took Patricia to Othello for lunch and Checos so we could get some more fencing supplies. Next, Toni and I took Patricia to move horses and finish the fence along Hendricks. We still had some areas that we needed to attach the fence to the posts in a more firm manner. That fence is so tight in a couple of spots it would take one person to hold it correctly while the other got the clips on. Kicker took the kids out on the lake in the boat for a Sunday Funday. The kids were happy to have a break from fencing. Sunday night we had a farewell dinner for Linda and Patricia. We love having them come up from California to visit us. Patricia always keeps us laughing. This year she was amazed by seed potatoes. Patricia never complains about the ranch work and always seems to enjoy herself. By the end of their visit, that Patricia could put a fence clip on with the best of them.

Tuesday morning the kids had their last assembly. All four kids got student of the month awards, so that was really cool. Sonny didn’t think he was getting one, but he did. It was really fun to have all four get awards at the same assembly. Tuesday afternoon Anna had her 6th grade promotion, I guess it is not graduation anymore. We officially have a Jr Higher on our hands. I don’t know if we are ready. I made dinner for everyone that night and Anna wanted tuna casserole. That isn’t everyone’s favorite, but the pie mom made for dessert sure was. Also on Tueday, dad’s cousin Jill came out with her sister, Lisa, to look at the horses. Today the kids got out of school at 10:10 so we are officially on summer break. Toni took them to Michael Jay’s for brunch before she went to court. Summertime here we come!

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