It is important to remember, we are home of the free because of the brave.

Monday and Tuesday started out like a normal week last week, Toni had fencing projects for us to work on. The kids went and washed their steers both days to get ready for the jackpot show. Wednesday Toni, mom and I went down and watched Blaine work Jackpot before Blaine and Jackpot headed off to CA. This is a great move for Blaine, and we are excited for him, and are looking forward to seeing Jackpot shown. However, we are sad that Jackpot is not going to be as close as he was. Thursday the kids packed up the trailer to head to their show on Saturday. We got our dream colt out of Izzy and Bishop, a blue roan colt, which will be our only Bishop foal this year. The other mares he bred belonged to other people from last year. We have only received pics of one of the foals and it is a black colt.

We had visitors on Thursday afternoon to look at the foals. We like to tell people that the ranch tour takes 2 hours, but with all of the stallions spread out, the tour took 3 hours on Thursday. Karen fell in love with Rudy’s filly, so that was a done deal. Lizzie also foaled on Thursday with a buckskin colt out of Gunner. This is the first colt we have had out of her.

Friday Toni took three of the steers and tack to our cousins’ house on the other side of Connell. Jay was taking part of the “Jay Team” to Wheatland on Saturday, so the kids spent the night with Leslie, so they don’t have to get up as early (they get to sleep in like 10 min, but I don’t have to get up at 3, let’s get real about this). Toni moved all of the tack over to Jolene’s trailer and left the steers there for the kids to wash when they got home from school. Also, Friday morning Toni was visited by Tina who was out checking on her mare, Mud, and her foal, Bubbles. Toni and Tina took the time to drive around and check the horses. Tina had a great time looking at the calves.

Saturday while the kids were in Ritzville showing with Jay, Toni, Ben and I saddled up and Kicker and Jaxsen jumped on the 4 wheeler, Scout, and we headed out to round up cows. Toni rode Shimmer, a daughter of Zink’s Major Kid and out of dad’s old ranch mare, Star. Ben rode Riley, a bay roan mare we got from Sonny and Jeannie Riley, and I rode my trusty old mare Cad, a daughter of Continental Cad. It took us most of the morning to get that part of the herd gathered and then we worked them. Then we headed down and got the Hereford cows in and worked them. Next, we pushed the bull calves down to where the Hereford cows had been. By this time it was late afternoon and Toby and Scarlet joined in on the six wheeler. Jay brought the kids back and picked up 102W. We weaned our fall calves and left them in the corral. We put the Herefords out with Bishop (who got out) and left the heifer calves locked in for the night. We had people out on Saturday to look at the buckskin colts, and they fell in love with the Colonel/Twist colt. Remington went home with them.

Sunday, we gathered the rest of the cows, with a big team. Kaine rode Bev, Kade rode Slick, Kicker rode Riley, Toni rode Shimmer, Ben rode Fancy, and I rode Cad. Anna we sent with mom and dad to St John and Winona to decorate graves for Memorial Day. We finished working the rest of the cows, the steers, the bulls, and the show heifers. Then, we pushed the rest of the bull calves down with the others. After the cows had all been worked, Toni and I put Izzy out with Bishop and Lizzy out with Gunner. I would say we had a pretty productive day.

Monday, we remember our veterans and other loved ones that we lost, and talked with the kids about all who had served in our family. It is important to remember, we are home of the free because of the brave.

Monday afternoon, Toni took our receip cow over to get an embryo and I went over to Cecil’s house and got Sagebug, Cammy and Shadie and brought them home. The kids washed their steers and cleaned out the camper. Ben and Kicker were until late that night fixing the circle where our hay is. The hay got bailed, the circle got fixed, and we got ready for another week. This morning Payton foaled and had a fancy bay filly that may be roan. We are down to just a handful of mares left to foal. Also, Mil is with trainer Josh Hoelscher and she is doing AWESOME. And Friday is with trainer Rachel Hamby and is also doing awesome. We are very excited with how both of these fillies are doing.

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