Well we definitely started out last week right with Twist having a cute buckskin colt last Monday. And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we finished our buffer fence out in the desert to keep stallions and mares separated. So now there is a lake AND a fence between Colonel and Gunner. Also on Tuesday, Tessa had a charming dun colt. Thursday Toni and I went to the front side of the lake to make sure that fence was up and hot. It was not hot so we went through the cow pasture and found were a jump wire was knocked off. Once we got it back up the fence was scary HOT. But that one fencer energizes miles of fence, so it needs to be hot. With this 1350 feet of fence done, we are taking a small break on the big fencing projects. We have two or three smaller projects that we hope to get done this week.

Friday I got up to load dad and send him up to see Dr. Jennifer King. He took Cleo and Hottie up to get ultra-sounded and pick Pistol up from getting AIed to Playdox. Cleo was confirmed bred to Reed, we are very excited about that combination. However, Hottie was open, so we left her up there to get AIed back to KR Gunpowder. Toni was in Ellensburg at court. So I also got to meet Craig and Christina who came up from Utah and bought Vann, Daze, and Dancin Dan.

Saturday we needed to get one of our recept cows in from Leroy’s pen to get ready to receive an embryo. Ben, Anna and I went and got her and the heifers in. Toni and Kade went down and finished up Colonel’s pen and let Gunner and his mares out into the desert. Then our farrier Chad Whetzel came and we spend the rest of the day trimming horses (and a mini mule named Bunny). We started with Chad at 10:30 and ended at 8:00 pm. I think he is ready to quit on us.

The kids worded on their show string, they are getting their Spokane steers ready, their Angus heifers ready for the Angus field day, and then steers ready for Wheatland after that. May is going to be a busy show month. I also got to take a little spin on my mare, Cad, while I waited for Chad to make it to my house, Toni took him to her house to do Colonel and I went to catch Cad and move some bulls around while I waited for him. Kicker spent a few hours mowing weeds and Russian olive trees on Saturday. Also, now that it is irrigation season, Ben and Kicker also spent part of the weekend starting water. While we were grabbing horses to trim, we also got serious about deworming and giving the West Nile shot as the weather is actually warming up. Any horse that we caught to trim or that would stand still, we got done.

Sunday we got to move some cows around bright and early. Then, we saw that Mud and Lura had both foaled. Two really nice roan foals by Gunner. Then Toni and I spent pretty much the rest of the day moving horses around and trying to get as many horses as possible out on grass. We moved Colonel down to the lake, put Tessa, Mud and Lura out with Gunner. And took Sagebug, Cammie and Shadie over to a neighbors to eat down his pasture. Again deworming and giving WN as we went. Ben worked on getting the camper ready for the Spokane Jr Livestock show, and he made some food for us to take. As well as help the kids with their livestock and change a flat tire for us. Kicker continued with his mowing project. By the end of the weekend we had over 50 head of horses dewormed and given their WN shot. There was a brief argument about where the half-way mark is and how many horses we actually have, but no one wants to get bogged down on numbers. Toni thinks we need fewer horses and I would be happy with a minimum of one of each color and as many as we could run!

Once the weekend was done, we were all “White-Eyed” – Exhausted.


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