Spring is Officially Here.

To stud animals spring means it’s time to breed, not just horses, but dogs as well. Mom and dad texted me the other night and said Thunder is missing and he is dragging a chain, Thunder likes to come up to my house this time of year to check and make sure Jewels and Trinity are not in heat. So he gets to go outside supervised, or out on the chain in the front yard, or he can stay in the house, he gets to pick. Thunder showed up without his chain. It is a wonder he got out of the mess he got himself into, let alone how did he get himself into that mess??


Spring forward means we kick it into high gear, lots of daylight hours to get work done. We are continuing to build fence along Hendricks rd. We have all the T posts in on the top part and are finishing up with the wood posts. Some of the wood posts are going to require a backhoe to dig the holes. This is our last big fencing project of the year. We still have hot wire fence to put up to move livestock around, but usually takes a day at most, not weeks. In addition to fencing the kids still have steers to wash, we have our normal chores, mares to move, cows to move, etc.

We had Scott the welder out to repair the mainline to the circle in the horse pasture. He was efficient and good, with water coming on soon, we are ready. Dad got his old trusty tractor out and harrowed the fields, so we really are ready. Dad also has the old welder for sale shown below, it ran when it was parked. $100

We FINALLY started really foaling. We have had six mares foal now. Our first AI foal out of KR Gun Powder was born, and she is a bay filly. We couldn’t be happier. It was pretty cool that Hottie and Comet foaled the same day, Comet is Hottie’s mother. Then Cleo, Comet’s full sister, foaled yesterday. It has been a family affair. Lona is a 3/4 sister to Comet and Cleo, with izzy being Cleo’s daughter. These are our cornerstone mares. Mom got Sheba, who all of these mares descend from, for her 16th birthday. Cleo and Comet both had buckskin colts. We are still keeping a close watch on the mares. We should have lots more foals soon.

We had a group out to look at the foals we have on the ground on Sunday. Brian and his friends came down from Ephrata. They really liked both Van and Big Iron. Of course Toni told them to buy them both.

We started another round of AI on Friday. Shaun was home for the weekend from college so she came out and got the cows in with Toni and sorted. It was a long day, but we got the cows through, and will pull CIDRS on Friday, AI Sunday.

Anna and Kade sold the heck out of Krispy Crème donuts for their school fundraiser. Toni took them in on Thursday and got their donuts, and then they started making deliveries on their ride home. She said it was fun because it is a chance to visit with all the neighbors. Cecily had a birthday Thursday so got donuts delivered on her birthday.
This week Toni and Leslie have a Washington Cattlemen’s meeting, the WCA bull sale, farm fair for two days, and we have a Cub Scout pack meeting.

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