All Beer and Skittles

Toni and I have started having an Old West word of the day. I have a page bookmarked on my phone and I look up a work each morning and text her a sentence using that word. Sunday I asked Toni, Is Sonny all beer and skittles today? And naturally, Beer and Skittles, what could be wrong with that combo? So Toni thought Beef and Skittle would be a good mood. But no, in the old west “All Beer and Skittles – Unpleasant, not so happy.”(I don’t think they had the skittles candy back then so Skittles must have meant something else).  So in short, if you want to join in our word of the day game, like this post, if enough people like it I will post the daily sentence. Today’s word is Yammerin, “Have fun yammerin today.”




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