With the crazy weather we have had

With the crazy weather we have had, we are all happy we only have the one foal so far. One day snow, the next day run around with not coat, the next day wind so hard shingles come off of the roof. February is historically one of the coldest months, and that is true this year!

                Even with the cold weather, Toni and Anna have been hard at work halter breaking Whim and Little Blackie. They are claiming that they are the best foals ever and they wish they all were this good.  Whim and Little Blackie are a funny pair. They get along really well, but look hysterical together. Whim is every bit of 14 hands and long and leggy, Little Blackie is a short squat little gal that is as wide as she is tall.  Little Blackie doesn’t get excited, but Whim likes to watch everything.  Whim is very fluid in his movement and elegant, Little Blackie would rather stand than walk and just wants attention.  It has been really fun to have Whim, he is a fast learner, loves attention, yet has some spirit. 

                The fencing continues. Due to the frozen ground and snow, the focus has been on repairs and putting up gates.  Toni, Dad, Coco and Anna hung two gates across the driveway, so we can close them when mom and dad are gone or can use them as an alley to move animals across the driveway. In the winter wind, the KT sign at the end of the driveway was blown down. Coco had a great idea to fix that area and get a sign back up. Toni and Coco started working on that this week as well. Grabbing older boards and rehabilitating them to work for the sign.

Thursday afternoon Cupid got picked up by the Woods and made his way home to Sandpoint. Cupid was one of our favorites, but so far it sounds like he is loved in Sandpoint too. Friday one of our farriers was out, Chad Whetzel, and Chad and I spent most of the day trimming horses. The mini colt, Darryl, loves Chad, however, he did not like that I was holding his mom to get her feet trimmed, so he kicked me in the leg. So of course he had to be disciplined. Both he and Baby T, from last year, are for sale if anyone is looking for a miniature horse. 

Saturday we moved Lola and Doll to the house and put them in with the old pony Smoke. They seem to really like being in their own pen, with Smoke following them around. CeeCee, Bebe, Lemon Drop, and Mil all loved seeing Doll and are still standing by the fence watching her.  I am not sure they know what she is, she is a very tiny little filly. Hopefully soon we will start having more foals, a lot of the mares are looking very heavy.


Saturday night we had our annual Franklin County Cattlemen’s banquet. We have a lot of fun with family and friends at this event every year. Our cousin Leslie is the president of Franklin County Cattlemen’s this year, so it makes it extra special.  

Dad and mom watched the kids Saturday night, so Dad, Anna, Kaine and Kade checked cows Sunday morning and did chores. The kids love checking cows in the morning and it makes it extra special to do it with grandpa. Dad also made them pancakes and they got Chinese for dinner.


Sunday was very windy, again, that fun February weather.  Some office work got done, but we also had calves to tag.  People are still coming to look at bulls, calves are still being born, and we are getting the cows in to sort and start AI on Friday. It has still been too cold for the kids to use their new wash rack, but they are anxiously waiting to use it.

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