Winter Weather Advisory

Well I guess the ground hog was right and winter is not over, weather wise we had a heck of a weekend. Snow, rain, wind, freezing temps and more. However, that does not stop the work from getting done. Saturday we finished the wash rack, built the tie rail and a fence around it. Ben welded, Kicker helped him get the bar set a few times. Toni, the kids and I built the fence, Kicker bounced around from helping us to helping Ben. And the kids also hauled out the excess dirt. We all had wind burnt faces by the time we were done, but getting that wash rack ready for good weather to wash the steers headed to the Spokane Livestock Show is pretty important. The kids wanted to wash this weekend, but we refused with the weather we had.

Sunday we finally had another foal, however, it was a small foal. Foxy the miniature had a colt by Dreamer. He is a cute little guy that the kids think needs packed. I don’t know if he knows how to walk (yes I am joking). We also tied up the steers on Sunday and got in our mares that are for sale. Getting the mares in off 80 acres in a freak snow storm was not the most fun we have ever had. We spent lots of time just walking through the mares and petting them and checking them out. There are some that look like they are getting close to foaling. Once the work was done, Toni’s best friend Shannon brought four foreign exchange students out from Richland to see the ranch. Again, the wind was blowing and the temp was below freezing with the wind chill. 2 of the kids are from the Netherlands, 1 girl is from Paris, and the other boy is from Ecuador. Other than the girl from Paris, the kids were really good sports and went out and petted Rocky and looked at the animals. Diego from Ecuador and Max from the Netherlands seem to enjoy the animals. Toni took them back home and gave them hot chocolate before sending them home. It is great to expose kids to our ag way of life and help them to understand that importance of ag in the world.

Monday morning bright and early Toni and Ben took Kaine and Kade to do their Boy Scout duty. On holidays the Connell boy scouts put out flags in people’s yards. So we had “fun with flags.” Anna and I got up early to check the cows since we had a cold bitter wind blowing. Then, Toni and I met with Dan from Burns, who took home Dallas, Cheyenne, and Whitty. Then, Toni and I sorted out heavy heifers and hauled them to the house and helped the kids tie up their steers. Toni did not have a day off from her legal practice, so she had to go home and get some paying work done. So Kade, Kaine, Ben and I got the bulls in and poured on them, we tagged some calves and then lead the steers for a little while.

We got down to the house and Toni and I haltered the last two foals to halter break (since it is a little lighter again at night). The last two are the Azteca, “Whim,” and Little Blackie. Both did pretty good. However, Double was not pleased that they are in his pen. Smokey was still in with Double so we moved him over to be with his age group. Smokey has never really considered himself to be a foal, so he was very unhappy to be put out with a bunch of yearlings. We are getting ready to separate the colts and the fillies. We thought it would go better if Smokey was with his fellow colts for a week before we move them.

Also, one of Toni and my favorite Hereford bulls left to his new home on Monday, Thanks Terry. Bob from Clarkston came to look and put a deposit down on the ET 2 year old bull. We had two additional groups of bull buyers come out as well to look at the Angus bulls.

It is cousin Jay’s birthday today, and since he told me not to put him in anymore of my blogs, I thought I should definitely mention him today. Toni hauled the Hereford bulls over on Saturday and him, Uncle Joe, and Mar cut their horns for us. Thanks Jay, you have an immense amount of skills that come in handy as our cousin! Also, Jay is a great role model for the kids, he takes them to jack pot shows, helps them with their steers and heifers, clips them, and is a great all around guy. He also will AI for us if we need him, as well as help pull calves as long as he has a driver to bring him over. We are all pretty lucky to have him in our life bringing his sarcastic humor and pithy responses that keep us laughing. Happy Birthday!

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