Living in a Dream World

So I have not helped much on Toni and the kids’ fence, I think I have helped twice and they work on it every night after school. So Toni informs me that I think fences magically appear around here. And I would DEFINITELY like to live in that dream world. And as far as their fence on top of the hill goes, it kind of has magically appeared like fence fairies are coming during the day while I am at work. But, we do have other fencing projects and temporary fences we have to work on on the weekends, and for some reason she does not let me out of those. So, when the sun shines here, it means we can really get down to work, or business, and last weekend that meant a lot of fencing. Dad also decided that we needed to replace some of the older gates, he is on gate three today. Dad and Toni have all kinds of strategies for their gate hanging. Don’t worry, Dad told me that Toni may think she is the boss, but she isn’t. Dad still considers himself to be the boss around here.

With the end of hunting season we can utilize more of the corn fields, so we spent about half of Saturday fencing off the corn ponds, or one very large one. Saturday afternoon Toni, Kaine, Kade, Jaxsen and I got the horses in closer since we should start foaling any time. We took Stinger, Cleo, Comet and Izzy to the house. We had a couple more mares we would have liked to take to the house but they did not willing jump in the trailer. So since they are still out on 80 acres, they kind of get a choice right now if they want to leave or not. We did get to pet most of them after we brought them in and remind them that they are good horses. That gave us a chance to check out their parts. We think we are still a bit out from foaling, but there are definitely some that are starting to have the look.

Saturday night Toni and I got to have a girl’s night with our cousin Leslie. Leslie is the current president of Franklin County Cattlemen’s so she is basically required to go to the neighboring annual dinners. We all went to the Benton Cattlemen’s banquet to have fun. Toni talked her and Leslie’s friend Ron into buying our desserts at the dessert auction, we had some awesome lemon and apple bars and a chocolate torte. The dinner was great and we got to talk to a lot of people, and even get grandma some walnuts in the silent auction. Even though we had to get all of our work done very quickly to give us time to get to the dinner, it was worth it to have a night out with some good friends.


Sunday morning we had some more fencing, we just can’t have too much fun. We went back out with the mares to give them another look through. Considering they have all been out on desert ground all winter, they look really good. Our Friday (going to be 4) looks like a mare now. She needed this winter to finish maturing. We also took an inventory of the mares we think are open, there are a few. There are always a few that don’t breed back and we factor that in. Toni finished cutting up poles to use on the fence in the H braces with her new reciprocating saw. Then Toni and dad put out grass bales to the mares and Toni did chores so her and Kicker could take the boys to a Super Bowl party. Go Eagles! Anna and I had to run to town for some supplies, then we fed cows, and sold a bull.

This week we are all gearing up to help at the BB Cattle Co bull sale on the 12th. Dad is going to go to Spokane to work at the WCA Booth at the Spokane Ag Show, and we have Jackpot’s first show on Saturday. We don’t have any expectations for him. He is a supremely nice horse and we hope that he does well in the show ring, but having a show record really won’t change our plan for him. We LOVE our filly out of him, Yo. What a little powerhouse. Toni keeps telling me we don’t need to sell her, but Toni is the one that says we keep too many. We just hope that Jackpot’s foals are all as nice as Yo. We don’t plan to breed with him this year, we want to focus on giving him some time to see about a show record. Anyway, if anyone is bored on Saturday, Bonina is having a warm up show to get all of the people and horses back into the swing of things. Hope to see some friendly faces at the show.

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