Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Ben, Kicker, Anna, Kaine, Kade and I brought in the New Year at our cousins’ show barn party learning how to play a new card game called Golf. Toni and Jaxsen were sick so they stayed home and watched movies. It has been cold and icy, but luckily New Year’s Eve was a decent day which allowed us to go have some fun. Last New Year’s Eve we spent with our old mare Tuffy, getting her through colic. This year was better.

The week in between Christmas and New Years we spent feeding and watering while battling the elements of snow, freezing rain, rain, ice, etc. However, compared to how the weather looks in the rest of the country, we are still pretty fortunate. But, we have not been halter breaking anything since it is hard enough to stay upright just feeding. Since Whitty is now an orphan he is living with our other orphan foal, Smoke, but in reality Whitty was old enough to wean anyway. Double is also now living with them since he has a hard time in the winter now due to his age. He gets blanketed, fed extra, and has a shed, but the cold weather is still hard on an older horse. He is really good with the two little guys. He doesn’t let them eat with him, but the rest of the day they all stand together. Usually with Double in between the two colts. Whitty has been with Double most of his life and has always hung out with him. Having Double in the same pen has help alleviate some of the weaning stress.

Even with the bad weather, we have still had visitors to come look at horses. We had some people over that live in San Diego. They thought it was cold on New Year ’s Day when they came out to look at the horses we have for sale. It was actually kind of nice that day, other than the ice. The ice is treacherous. They really fell in love with Lemon Drop, so we are trying to get all of the details figured out. Lemon Drop is a pretty funny filly. She took to this couple and would not leave them alone. It makes us feel good to sell a horse to people that the horse has really taken a liking to.

As of today the kids are back at school, we are all back at work. For the first day of school there was an awards assembly where both Anna and Kade were recognized as students of the month in different categories. Dad and Toni are checking the cows in the morning since Ben had to go back after his month off. We have had 3 calves as of today for 2018. The boys are back in Boy Scouts. We also have a Youth Quality Assurance class tomorrow; this is a new requirement for all kids to take if they want to show at the fairs this year. This class helps everyone understand animal husbandry. Proper and humane care of animals, especially those destined for the food chain, is imperative to our way of life. The KT Ranch adults are already Beef Quality Assurance Certified, but having the kids take the class as well just ensures the proper treatment of our animals.

Winter break is over and it is back to the grindstone. It is beautiful out today, even with the ice on the ground, which makes calving so much easier. The warm sun really helps to invigorate those new calves. We are approximately 1 month out from our foaling start date.

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