I just realized that we have not had a post this week about what we have been doing.

We started halter breaking Shelby, Latte and Peeps, or Toni started halter breaking them, I was only there to help her on Day 1. It sounds like things are progressing on the halter breaking front. We also weaned Dottie Dee, Grace, Wright on Laddie, and C. I will be gone this weekend and Toni will be on her own, so I am sure she will have a good time with them all. Especially with more to wean this coming weekend.


We have had a pretty hectic kid/school week. Football banquet Monday, Connell vs Connell game yesterday, school conferences today, and picking out steers for next year after school from our cousins at BB Cattle. Both boys played awesome at the Connell Purple vs Connell Gold game. Kade’s team won (Connell Gold), but Kaine scored the only touchdown that Connell Purple had. We are VERY proud of both of them, and all the kids on the teams. It was a great season. Now the boys are talking about playing basketball and Anna’s volleyball season will start soon. Jaxsen wants to try karate. Life with kids is never dull. The three older kids also help with chores nightly, halter breaking (when the foals are at a point that the kids can help safely), and working the livestock. We have had a halter on our “bottle baby” Smokey a few times and the kids have said they want to halter break him on their own. I find that pretty funny considering the few times we have led him it usually takes one person to push and one person to keep the bucket ahead of him enough that he keeps moving forward.

Grandpa’s 90th birthday party was last Saturday; it was a HUGE success, thanks to everyone that made it out to celebrate. There were lots of people there. Grandpa was thrilled about the turn-out and how we set it up. Well over 250 people attended.

Ben and Kicker were also hauling straw over the weekend to get ready for winter feeding. Toni’s green pickup finally died on her, and I am sure everyone who has ridden in it with her is NOT surprised by this news. However, you all will be relieved to hear she has a NEWER green pickup that looks very similar to her old green pickup. Kicker went and picked it up for her on Saturday and she is very happy with her new green machine, even though she is sad about her old one. This one is a few years newer and has almost 90,000 less miles. It also starts a bit better, for now!


We held Jaxsen’s birthday on Sunday. He actually turned 7 on Saturday, but we wanted him to have his own special day and not have to compete with Grandpa’s party. Jaxsen is so fun at parties. He loves every gift and is so thankful and appreciative that it really makes it fun. I have joked that we could get him a cardboard box and he would say it was the best gift ever.


Oliver the mini (aka My Little Pony) is headed to his new home tomorrow too; the kids have been busy halter breaking him for Kate. I know that Kate is anxious to have him. However, he did not fit like a dog crate like I had hoped, but don’t worry, Ben made a box to haul him in so we don’t have to take the trailer. Oliver is a pretty funny little guy and should make a great companion for Kate.

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