Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

Monday the kids had no school, teacher in-service day, next Monday the kids have school, then next Monday the kids have no school, BB Cattle Co bull sale, then the next Monday no school for President’s day, then we will have to see about Mondays after that, we might revisit school on Mondays. Dad went and got more pellets, which was good since we were close to rationing. Anna and Kaine checked the cows Monday AM. I went to the East District for a meeting, then took coworkers to Checos for lunch. Kade had basketball practice Monday night, so Toni, Anna and Kaine did chores. Kicker came down and took the pellets off of the trailer. Ben got the steers in so we sent one to Colton Tuesday afternoon, he shows our steers at the fair.

Tuesday everyone was back to school again. Anna was excited because it was the start of a new semester and she has Ag with Mrs. Shattuck this semester. Anna is applying to be an ambassador with the 509 Show Circuit too, and she is excited about that. Toni checked cows Tuesday morning. Dad took Jewels to Sagehill Veterinary clinic to get an ultrasound to see if she is pregnant and he took a tire in from the flatbed trailer for a tire repair. Then he snuck in my house to get the left over pie out of my fridge for mom, but I caught him on the camera and sent him a text. The kids did chores, Toni had a meeting that went longer then she had expected.

Wednesday Toni checked cows in the morning, our big red eyed Hereford cow had a really cute black ballie heifer. The kids and dad did chores, Toni headed to Tacoma in the afternoon for a big case that she has going on. 337 calved after Toni left and before Ben got home. Thursday dad checked since Toni was in Tacoma, Rob’s cow Olivia calved. Kade, Jaxsen, Kaine and Kicker went to the Pinewood Derby in at the boy scouts. Both Kade and Jaxsen’s cars did really well. Kaine got his last Cub Scout award since he aged out of cub scouts. Toni said that the eating was good in Tacoma, but the people and weather, not so much.

Friday I did not have to work so I checked. Dad had an apt for Red to get the oil changed so I went and picked him up and took him back. Diane needed some totes, and we have lots, so she came out and got totes. Besides that I just checked the cows, cleaned the office a little. Toni’s mediation did not get done until late Friday, so she was really late getting home. Kade’s basketball team got to play during half time at the varsity girls basketball game, dad took him to it since Toni was not home yet. I hear it was a really good game. Kade’s team won, but it was against the 3rd graders, so good job to them for playing so well.

Saturday we had a pretty good day, we tagged the calves and checked the cows. Krista and Sue came out to look at Jitter Bug and Hollywood Cad. Ben, Anna and Kaine got the yearlings heifers and steers in and were getting yearling weights when I got back. Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen were at Kade’s basketball games in Connell, they won both, good job boys. Then we did chores and looked through the Hereford World and picked out Hereford bulls and heifers we want to buy (haha).

Sunday we checked cows, like normal this time of year. Then we weighed the show steers, they are gaining really well. Cody came and checked on Felix, and brought some friends, one is scared of horses. So of course the horses had to maul her. Then we did chores early to get home to watch the super bowl, and Toni, Kicker, Kade, Jaxsen and Kaine with to a superbowl party at Booths. We were also going through our long list of bulls to AI too and narrowing it down. Toni and I normally like the same type of bulls and Ben likes a different type, and Kicker normally just waits to see what we pick out and pick from those on what to breed too. Ben’s comments are always super amusing. One bull he says is so short bodied he looks like he ran into a feed bunk, and another is so fat his blubber is just falling off of him. Toni and my comments back on his bulls are must better, like not enough rib shape, not deep enough, etc. it is quite comical. We have the more professional, legitimate comments that count. No one can take Ben’s comments seriously. Winter it last night, so lets all hope it comes and goes quickly.

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