More of Toni’s fencing projects

Sorry, this is a little late.


Kaine’s first basketball game was Monday, they played great and it was fun to watch. Kade had basketball practice Monday, his first game is soon. Rachael came out to see Pecos since she was home on Christmas break. While she and Toni were out looking at the horses at the house, they noticed that the horses from the desert were all home. Yes, I am sure they noticed as soon as they got there, but it sounds better this way. For whatever reason, most of the horses decided to come home and tore out 40 feet of fencing, and somehow none of them got hurt. So, Toni and dad spent a good part of the afternoon patching that, and it took the desert fencing project from priority number 2 all the way up to priority number 1. Maria brought Aram down for dad to take into basketball, and she took Kade up to meet for practice. Anna has been sick, so Toni ended up doing chores on her own since the boys and dad left for basketball. It was darkish by the time she worked on the colts, Justified and Hollywood, but she reports they are doing great.

Tuesday, Anna went back to school, but now Kaine is sick. But at least Toni had chore help since there were not any basketball games or practice. Toni led Hollywood and Justify around, they both did great. She really likes both colts. Too bad they are not fillies, or it is probably good that they are not, we can only keep so many, or CAN we? Also on Tuesday, cows were due on the first synchronizing round, they have been trickling in for over a week, but we had 5 calves on Tuesday, including a cute club calf bull (eventually steer). He’s out of mine and Ben’s cow, so the kids will have to draw numbers to see who gets him if none of their cows have clubbies. However, Jaxsen had some scheme and was trying to convince me that he is “ours.” He is sounding more and more like his great grandpa. Kade just wants to buy him off of me now, so he will bear the burden of the risk and Anna is out, too much color. Kaine is sick, so I don’t know what his opinion is on the matter.

Wednesday Toni had to go to Cle Elum for depositions, so now the shoe is on the other foot, the kids are alone for chores. Or, Kade and Anna are alone, Kaine is still sick, and let’s be real, no one makes Jaxsen do chores since no one wants to listen to him. Anna called Ben and made him come down and help them. Ben has also been through 100 lag screws in a week, he is now out so he told me he could not work on any fence. I told him that he is three years behind fixing the fence between the desert and circle 8 since he gave that to me for Mother’s Day, and he did not need lag screws for that. Let’s just say that on Wednesday, the fence between the desert and 8 did not get fixed, still just bandaided to keep horses where they are supposed to be.

Thursday was another basketball night. The game showed on the schedule at 6, so I had plenty of time to get there after work. Then the coach texted to have the boys there by 3:45, so I was thinking they had moved it up to 5 since they normally get there an hr early to warm up, so I arranged to leave at 4:40, not a big deal. So, our friend Maria texted me at 4 that the game had started, there was no way I could make it to Basin City from Pasco to catch the game, so I called dad and he ran in. I hear it was a great game. Ben went to McCarys to get the 1.5 beefs we had in there. So, if anyone needs beef we have some available. The colts are doing so great that Anna was able to lead Hollywood.
Friday the kids had their concert at school, Ben, mom, Kicker and Toni went in. They got there on time, but the bleachers were full, so they were up in the cheap seats. Not very many good pictures were taken, but the kids sung their hearts out. Kicker picked Ben up some more Lag bolts so he can continue with his fencing projects. It has been nice to have the weather so nice, so he can do those projects when he has been home, instead of literally breaking water and feeding all day. After school Anna went up to her friend Daisey’s house and they had a baking party. Kade and Sonny stayed the night at our house and they built a fort, played, ate pizza and more.

Saturday Anna, Kade and I got in the heavy heifers, then Kaine and Jaxsen joined us and we put our mineral, checked cows and tied up the steers. Toni showed Bucky to a prospective buyer that fit with him, and Bucky got a new owner. Toni, Kicker and Ben worked on putting up a new fence between the desert and the horse circle, circle 8. They were about 95% done at chore time with approximately 985 feet of fence. They moved the fence line, so the posts went in really well.

Sunday we woke up to a skiff of snow. Kicker finished most of the fence, Ben just needed to haul out two panels, which he did. Then, Toni and I hauled the 15 horses back out to the desert. Anna had been wanting to get a Christmas picture with snow, so when we got the horses hauled, we caught 2 yearlings and a weanling and went out and took some pictures. And Toni climbed up the stack to push hay down. Now we get ready for the holiday.

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