When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Another great quote I found: “Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”
— Russell Baker

We should start out by saying our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people out there that are affected by the fires. Especially to our good friends, the Kings, who are right in the middle of the file up by Coulee City, called the Simms corner fire.
I forgot to put on last week’s that our friend John found the kids a new mini mare for Dreamer. Each kid claims a mare and this one is going to be Anna’s. Kade has Jesse and Kaine has Foxy. Jaxsen does not claim any of them, or Dreamer. If he claims one, then he might have to work. Sonny (Jaxsen) works hard to avoid working.

Monday the kids went to Connell and worked on bulls to get them ready for the Benton Franklin Fair. The bulls will be going to Denver in a carload with Jay and his team in January. Kaine and Kade think they should be part of Jay’s Denver team, since they are on “Jay Team,” but I don’t think they are ready for an overnighter, with Jay. Or I am not, one or the other.

Tuesday Anna baby sat for our cousin Kendel, she sells wine and had her sales crew here and they were going on a local wine tour. The boys just played and hung around all day from what I can tell. Wednesday the kids got to go swimming at Tom and Pegs. Toni had a client meeting so she dropped off mom and the kids there with lunch and left. Thursday Anna got to go to her friend Bella’s house and have fun. The boys hung out with mom and dad. They were supposed to go to Connell to work on bulls, but Leslie ended up having to go to a Cattlemen’s meeting in Ellensburg. Toni had court in Yakima so she could not take them.

Friday Ben, Anna, Kaine and I went on a weekend getaway to our friend’s beach house where we met Ben’s sister and her family. We all had a great time, walked to the light house at Cape Disappointment, saw a shark, spent lots of time on the beach, ate lots of good food. Kaine loved the beach and can’t wait to go back. Anna had fun, because of who she was with, the actual beach part was just ok.

So Toni, Kade and Coco were REALLY busy. Friday our cousin Kendel had surgery, so they made her family dinner. Our hay also needed stacked, so Kick was out until after 1 am getting the hay stacked and turning the water back on. Cousin Whitney was his co-pilot for that adventure. On Saturday there were 2 groups that came out checking out the horses. The weather changed completely on Saturday, so instead of crazy hot, it went to in the 80s with significant wind.

Saturday morning at 3:30 am, Mom and Dad loaded up Mil and Eclipse and took them down to Preston, Idaho, grabbing Toni an Idaho Shag Border Collie puppy to bring home. They had a quick trip to deliver the horses and grab the puppy, but that was needed to get Mil down to Andee to ride.

Toni hauled Sagebug, Cupcake and Omen to the neighbors to eat their grass while we are at fairs to minimize chores for dad. Chad, our farrier, came out to do who HAD to be done before he left to fight more fires. One of those horses was Big Mama out on the desert, but she is easy to catch even on 500 acres. We also thought that Vann needed his fronts done. Of course Vann is not halter broke and has never had his feet picked up. We don’t let that kind of thing stop us. He got hauled down to Mom and Dad’s and Toni and Chad haltered him, and trimmed and rasped his fronts. Vann is a champ of a colt. One of Toni’s good friends, David, and his wife Kelly brought their baby out to see the horses and have dinner with Toni and Kicker on Sunday as well. Good thing Toni puts food in a crockpot for busy days.

Toni was on a mission to get horses moved around before next week when we head to the fair, so they cleaned out Double’s pen so only Double, Blackie and Bunny are left in there. They tied up steers every day to keep them out of the heat. Minimizing chores before the fair is key.

Now we are all back and getting ready for the Benton Franklin fair next week. So if you are looking for some beef for your freezer, Anna, Kaine and Kade will all have steers there.


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