It Can’t get any better then this.

I feel like the kids have had a great summer vacation, but maybe I feel like that because they spend the week doing what we did as kids? Working on show cattle and riding horses. We used to work on the cattle in the morning while it was cool, then spend the rest of the day on horseback. When we got too hot, we would just ride under the irrigation circle. Lots of cousins, any neighbor kids that wanted to come, it was the life. Monday the kids tied everything up and cleaned out the barn, even Jaxsen helped. They also went to Connell to work on the Hereford heifers Monday. Whitney comes over to get them so they don’t have to go over early on my way to work. Tuesday, they stayed home and tied up everything just at our house. Kaine was exhausted and fell asleep early, so Anna and Kade took a ride out checking the cows while Kaine slept.

Wednesday they were supposed to go to Tri Cities with Toni and mom, but Toni has been EXTREMELY busy with a big case, so she just took them into Connell for lunch at Mei-Lings. We make an effort to do something fun with the kids at least once per week. Life shouldn’t be 100% about work. Sometimes it is just lunch in town, but they deserve it with how hard they work. The three older kids took a ride Wednesday night and went and checked cows. Thursday I got home from work and Toni had the boys out chopping thistles in the pasture by mom and dads. She was out there too to show them proper thistle chopping form. Jaxsen was mad because she did not give him a proper shovel so he was watching from the fence. For some reason no one wants to give Jax a sharp object. Anna had gone home with Coco to make a 4thof July wreath that turned out pretty cool.

I was home Friday, so we caught everything at our house, including the big heifers and washed them. By “we” I mean the kids (minus Jaxsen), I watched and helped lead a couple. Ben and Kicker found a swarm of bees in the saddle shed on Thursday, so cousin Toby came down to get them with Pepper on Friday. Toby and Kendel have bees and seem to enjoy being apiarists, which is the official word for beekeepers. We actually got some honey from them and used on a horse wound as Katie and Chad have told us that non-processed honey is great on wounds. It kept the flesh very soft and supple and allowed for the skin to reattach, so we may use honey again in the future. Toby and Pepper got there while we were washing, so Pepper helped wash the last group. She washed “Lily” the heifer we are going to take to the Angus Evergreen sale. She is a nice Connealy Stingray 9618 daughter. After we got all done with the show animals, the kids and I took a nice long ride, we went and checked some cows, rode out and checked the corn circles, and saw lots of deer tracks, then rode up and checked the pumps and called Ben because one was not running correctly. When we were growing up, we didn’t have deer around. We probably saw three in 25 years or so. Now we see them frequently, a couple of times per week or more. Deer get hit along Hendricks road frequently as well.

Saturday we went to a little family BBQ for cousin Jolene’s little boy Kasen’s first birthday and had a great time. We had tied up the steers before we left, so the kids worked on them while Toni and I did chores.

Sunday we rode most of the day after tying up the steers. We switched pastures with the bulls and heifers, the kids did great riding. We had a couple of tricky areas where we had to go through other fields and didn’t want the cattle to mix. The kids did exactly what they were supposed to do, kept the cattle bunched and moving so that the adults could work the sides and keep the cattle separate. The three older kids are really riding well, keeping good control of their horses, getting to know cattle. Jaxsen knows which tv channel he wants to watch.

We are thankful for the right to raise cattle and have the land to do it. Land of the free, home of the brave. Happy Independence Day.


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