Suns out, wasps out. We finally have spring.

Due to our show schedule, we didn’t get a blog done last week, so this is a 2 week summary:

Monday the 23rd we finished another fencing project, putting up two sections of wood fence in Double’s pen. Tuesday, one of Toni’s friends brought her 1 year out to see the horses, Donny loves the horses and would like her mom to get her one. Wednesday dad asked Toni and I to help him change a valve in Double’s pen. I thought it would be a nice break from fencing. After getting drenched, I think I was wrong.

Thursday we were back to fencing, for some reason Kade WANTED to come and help, and he was LOTS of help. He was packing fencing supplies around for us, and running and getting stuff out of the pickup.

Also on Thursday Jaxsen found a kitten and so mom has a bottle kitten. She is very excited (sarcastic). While we were gone to Spokane at the Livestock Show, Mom shuttled the kitten to cousin Kendel’s house for her to deal with.

Friday, John and Raven came out to see John’s most recent purchase from us, Big Mama’s filly, that he has named Lassie. She is a very pretty grulla and she is excited to get to go home with John and Raven and see her full brother Son of a Gun (Sonny). They came back out on Saturday before heading home. John jokingly said maybe he should buy both grulla fillies.

Saturday the kids and I went to Connell to meet the twins and load up the trailer to go to the Spokane Jr Livestock show on Tuesday.

Also on Saturday we moved Shasta and Rosie in with Double and Lovebug in with Gunner. We had an outside mare some Saturday morning for Leroy, a nice black mare that is a repeat breeding to Leroy. Also, Kicker has been mowing the Russian olive trees that are coming up out in the circles and it is really looking good.

Sunday Ben and I headed to Spokane to park the camper. Toni and Kicker stayed home to take care of the kids. We also had another outside mare coming in on Sunday for Double. And Cody came out to visit his colt Felix. The camper parking turned into a major ordeal. The spot we were assigned had a tree by the plugins and so our cord would not reach. So we drove ALL OVER looking for an extension cord, but none of the RV stores were open on Sunday. Finally we went to Lowes and just got a heavy duty extension cord. But, I was hoping to be back in time to help Toni , but I of course was not.

Monday was a get ready to leave, try to get a week’s worth of work done kind of a day. It was crazy, I have no idea what we did.

Russie, Thor, Rocky April 2018
Tuesday I ran down to work, wrapped up what I needed to do before we could leave. Came home, grabbed the steers, grabbed Toni, picked up the kids and headed to Spokane. We got to Spokane about 1:30, unloaded, made beds, unpacked, then checked-in. It was really fun to be next to the Pomeroy group and next to our cousins from the Pierson side that show.

We had a phenomenal week. The Spokane Jr. Show is the biggest and most competitive show in the Pacific Northwest. There were over 220 head in the beef barn with kids from Montana to the west side of WA. The twins won the 4-H division on their last show! McCall had the Grand Champion Market steer and McKenna was Grand Champion in Fitting and Showing and got to go to the Round Robin. Our cousin Bobby’s son Cade won the FFA division, it was also his last show, he also won the Round Robin. Anna made it back into the championship round in both market and showmanship. The boys also did very well. We always like the kids to livestock judge, and at Spokane, being the State competition, it is very competitive and requires oral reasons. All three kids placed in the top 20 of their division, with over 80 kids per division. Kaine was 6th for the Juniors. Overall we are all tired, but the show was great.

Diann and the twins let us head home on Saturday, so we got home about 9:30 Saturday night. Per the norm, we managed to blow a tire on the way home. Luckily it was in the last 20 miles. While we were gone the mares went crazy and started to foal. Poor Ben was stuck doing the majority of the chores and checking. Dunny and Lona foaled May 2, with Lona being the big shocker, with a grulla colored colt out of Leroy. Frieda and Piper D on the 3rd. Maiden mare Maggie foaled on the 4th. Rudy and Stinger waited until we got back! Stinger has our last AI foal for this year. Now that we have those foals on the ground, we are getting close to being done foaling.

Sunday we got up and started unpacking, getting the mares in and moved, 2 more outside mares came in. The list goes on and on. We worked until late Sunday trying to catch-up after being gone. Notice that we are really behind on naming all of the foals that were born. This week we have already taken 2 mares in to AI, one of the cows over to put an embryo in, and it is only Tuesday! We don’t have a show this weekend, but we do have a memorial service for our good friend Don. Lots to do this week. We started halter breaking the 2 munchkins, McCoy and Yo. They are the last 2 from last year that need to be halter broke. Then we can start on the 2018 foals.

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