Spring Break is Here!

Wednesday the ladies from Fantasy Stables came out to do a photo shoot with some giant paper eggs they had made, hoping the foals would think they were neat. The foals did think they were neat for 2 seconds. The problem with having chill horses is that they are chill, they don’t get excited about giant sparkly eggs. That is until the wind starts blowing. When the eggs made it to the yearling pen the wind had come up and kept moving the eggs, now that was scary. The ladies are developing a new game, Fantasy Ranch, which they debuted with the kids when the kids got home from school. It was an awesome way for the kids to start spring break.

Thursday we had parent teacher conferences, and of course all of the kids are doing great. They are all little angles, the teachers would like a class room full of them. I attribute this to building fence and lots of chores when they get home. These kids are afraid of being suspended from school!

Friday Shiney foaled, this is her first foal. Shiney and Sun Daze had a little trouble figuring out what to do. So Toni and the four kids spent some time with them out in the field, then ended up taking them to the barn and helped them figure it out. Shiney and Sun Daze are doing great now. We left them at my house in the alley, so now they are running around helping us with the steers. We will move them this weekend in with Colonel.

The other big event on Friday was our irrigation water came on. Yes, this does happen every year but every year it is still a really cool deal. Without the irrigation water we have no ability to run the livestock that we run. We would not be able to grow the crops that we are able to grow. Irrigation water is the lifeblood of the Columbia Basin. Now the irrigation circles are on and the grass should really come on.

Saturday we attempted to get a whole weekend worth of stuff done. Toni sold Remington and showed some foals. We haltered all of the steers, and tied up and washed the Spokane steers. We loaded up our Braford bull and sent him to CA. We hauled Pocket and Dancin in the Dust to the house. Worked on a pony fence up on the hill, hauled a couple of cows down to Gunners pen, hauled some panels down and blocked the alley, and worked the cow we are going to try to but an embryo in. I am sure a lot more but I do not remember. We stopped working when we ran out of light. We started working when the sun came up. What we did between those two events is anyone’s guess.
Sunday we all had a great Easter. Double enjoyed watching the kids hunt for eggs. I think he thought they should feed him one. We took pictures with the Fantasy Stables giant eggs. After dinner Ben and I went out and checked cows on the ranger.

Now the kids are on spring break. We are getting ready for a steer show this coming weekend in Pomeroy, we are taking the Spokane steers there. Even with the wind and the springish weather, Toni and the kids get to work on the steers and get them ready. It will be a lot of fun.


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