Spring Forward, Best day of the year.

Sun is out, steers are getting washed. The kids were busy washing steers this weekend. I told them next weekend we are going to add the heifers to the mix now that the steers are cleanish, to get ready for the Angus Field Day in May.

On Monday Dad had another eye surgery, so Toni took him down. Kicker took him to post-op on Tuesday. Wednesday we had some people come out from Moses Lake to take a look at the horses for fun. They got to see our new filly out of Mocha, Van, and Darryl, as well as the calves. Toni also went and gave a speech Wednesday evening on water law in Ag.

Friday cousin Whitney and I pulled CIDRS out of cows to get ready to AI on Sunday. Toni and Kicker took a short vacation to celebrate Kicker’s 40th birthday, so I was lucky that Whitney could come over and help. We got them done pretty quickly, and then I had to take Jewels, the mastiff, to the vet to see if she was ready to breed or not. Then a repeat bull buyer came down from Oroville and bought two bulls, thanks LeRoy, he took our little Duke to breed to heifers, and nice big Acclaim bull for the cows. Then I worked on fence down in Leroy (the horse) pen and turned him and Ro back out. Then Toni was home, so we did chores, put Eclipse’s halter on, and a few other things, like build more fence along Hendricks.

Saturday Ben, Anna and I gave cows shorts first thing, and then we went out and checked. Still no few foals. Next, we got the pen of two year old first calf heifers in and yearling heifers to sort and get a bull in with the first calf heifers. We put the bull that Toni claims, “Jr,” in with them. Toni took Waffles back to Connell and brought back 102W, who is now referred to as Pancake (cousin Whitney thinks she is funny). Toni had Kade with her and he got to go look at the show heifer pen Leslie has, so he got first peak at the heifers for the 2018 show season that are over there. Saturday evening we went to Toni and Kicker’s house to celebrate Kickers birthday. Uncle Skip came over from St. John so we got a good visit in. Lots of food, drink, and laughs to finish off Saturday.
Sunday Toni, Kicker, Ben, Kade, Anna and I got the main herd of cows in and sorted them into groups to put out with the three bulls. Then Mark Ellis came and we AIEd cows. Toni and the kids washed steers while we were AIing, since we did not need that many people to AI. We have one more AI group, that we are AIing in two weeks.
I always say that Toni is terrible with time management, she wants to do too many things in a day. So added to Aiing, sorting all of our cows, tagging a few calves, putting bulls out, fixing a few fences, we also got the two Hereford cows and calves that were in with Rocky and moved them, built more fence, worked on Eclipse, moved Bishop’s pen, and put an outside mare in with Dude. We LOVE daylight savings! It adds more daylight hours to get more work done.

This week we are continuing to put posts in along Hendricks Rd for that new fence. It is a rocky SOB so some days are better than others. We borrowed a gas powered post pounder from some good friends. It is super heavy, but it vibrates the t-posts in, so when we can’t pound them in, we use that. All four kids are helping. The good news is that we put 10 t-posts in today. The bad news is that the t-posts are the easy part, the wood posts are going to be terrible!


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