Happy Valentines Day

The kids are excited, they finally have an actual wash rack and won’t be washing in the mud. Hopefully the weather is nice next weekend and we can start using it. However, I doubt Ben will have their tie rail up by then. We had Pegrams come out and poor it and they did a great job. It looks so good!

We have a VERY busy weekend building fence. We put up hot wire fence on Saturday for the cows, moving them to a new side of the corn field and fresh stalks. Anna is getting old enough that she is a lot of help. She can actually pound in posts and pull them out.
We also got a new mare Saturday, CeeCee. She came from a good friend of ours that just knew we needed another black mare. CeeCee came from the Froelich Ranch in North Dakota. She was purchased as a yearling and brought to WA. CeeCee sustained an injury and is only usable as a broodmare now, which is why we have her. Froelich’s base their breeding program on foundation quarter horses, so CeeCee has a very foundation pedigree and is out of Blue Stars Fire. We are excited to add her to our herd and see what she can produce. She is very friendly and gets along with the herd quite well. Toni, Kade, Jaxsen and I also went and watched the cutting at Bonina for an hour, but Jackpot wasn’t quite ready to show. We went ahead and scratched him. Blaine said Jackpot should be ready by the next one.

Sunday we finished the fence at the top of the hill at mom and dads (currently Double’s pen). We changed the plan the night before on wire. Ben decided we should use the twisted wire instead of the woven no-climb, so Ben and I ran to Moses Lake Sunday morning and got enough wire, clips, and lag bolts to finish the project. The fence looks really good and the kids were a lot of help on that fence as well. Ben and Kicker put the wire up. Toni, Kade and Kaine put the last of the poles up for the brace posts. Anna and I started clipped the wire up. When Toni and the boys got done with the poles and stretching the wire, we all finished clipping it on. The kids thought Toni would be done with the fencing for a bit, but they started a new project Tuesday. Dad and Toni decided that Double’s north fence should be replaced, so they are. The north fence runs up the hill, so they will be putting as much pole fence in as possible, then when it is too steep, putting up wire fence. This will be a slow project due to topography, but with as many stallions as we have, the fences need to be bullet proof, or stallion proof. This morning the kids woke up to snow and told Toni that this was nature’s Valentine’s Day gift to them because she couldn’t make them build fence.

Toni , the kids, and I also went to the BB Cattle Sale dinner on Sunday night where we got to visiting with family and friends. Then Monday we helped out at the BB sale. BB had a top selling bull at $15,000.00 and had an average of $4,300.00. This is a great average in today’s market and Grandpa should be happy for a day. The boys helped Shelby, Nick and Kayla bring bulls down and Anna got promoted to helping her beloved Uncle Joe run the gate going into the sale barn. We have horse and bull buyers coming this weekend to look at our livestock so we are excited about that.

Dad and Toni went to the Washington Policy Dinner on Thursday night. Toni is on the advisory board for the WPC Ag section. They said the dinner was great and there was a really good turnout. WPC is an organization that puts out advisory papers on proposed regulation and the impact that regulation will have on ag. Toni and Dad also went to the Cattlemen’s meeting last night, I normally volunteer to stay home with the kids. I have been working on a Franklin County Cattlemen’s website and Facebook page, so Toni was texting me changes to make from the meeting. If you have not, go online and take a look.

Another week is half gone and we are still foaling and calving. We start our first AI group of cattle the first of March so we are trying to narrow down our bull list. We also have the horses ready to start getting cattle in and sorting. The kids are really excited to chase cows and do some fun stuff.

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