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Spring is Definitely Here

You know spring is here (no matter what the calendar says) when studs are running through fences and bulls are acting like bulls. We have both. Leroy, who is super gentle and easy to be around, managed to break down panels and run through an electric fence to try to get to some mares. Not his finest hour, but he comes to his name, so it was easy to get him back in.

We moved Smokey and Whitty over with our old pony mare, Smoke. We thought getting them out of the mud was a great plan. They didn’t like being away from Double, so they ran through a fence. A different fence than the fence Leroy ran through. We have gotten that fence fixed and moved them back again. They are doing much better this time around. They are out of the mud and have lots of room to run. We are going to move the other coming yearling colts in with them soon.


On the actual fencing project, the first 500 feet of fence posts is in. The wire isn’t up yet, but that can go up at one time, so we started the second half of putting the posts in. Not only do we have to put all new posts and wire in, but we have to take out all of the old posts and the old wire. That makes the job take twice as long. But it will all be worth it when the new fence is in. We are hoping we don’t have to fix it again during our lifetime. Anna has also been helping on the fence, but did not get in any of the pictures.

I was elected to the Board of Directors for the United Braford Breeders. They will be doing a brief article on her for the next Braford News. This isn’t the first time I have been on the Board. Our family has been on the Board for the UBB off and on. The meetings are down South, so it makes it hard to attend. I am being allowed to attend via Skype to make attendance much easier.

We plan to move the mares out of the winter pasture this weekend and into their foaling pasture. We could start foaling as early as this week, but we don’t think they are quite ready to go yet. It is really a toss-up over which foals we are most excited to see. It may sound lame but we are always happy when we get a live, healthy foal. We do have 2 AI foals coming this year, our first Bishop foals, and our first Leroy foals. We also have some new mares in the mix that we got last year that we are really excited to see what they produce. A few of those new mares are maiden, so this is really a new experience all around. Hopefully the weather remains nice when the foaling gets started.

Breeding season is coming up fast. Bull buyers are starting to get interested in buying bulls for the 2018 breeding season. With this warmer weather, and rain instead of snow, we are getting anxious to see what 2018 brings.

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