Fall Back Sucks

Well fall back sucks. I am pretty sure most animal owners feel the same way. Toni and the kids pretty much are the chore doers now during the week since I don’t get off until 5, and am not home until 5:30. And as most of you know Toni works for herself out of her house, so she can take her “break” from 4 – 6 instead of 5-7. Toni is also working on a blog post on how the Youth Development Foals that we donated worked out, so if you have one and she has not contacted you, please contact us. We don’t have your contact information.

We weaned all of the foals Sunday, except the baby 4; Yo, Whitty, McCoy, and Eclipse. We have officially started halter breaking the middle 4, so after these 4 we are over the half way point in halter breaking. Toni is super excited by this news. We are halter breaking Gypsy, Rimfire, Ellie and Yokel this week. The fun thing about this batch is that Rimfire and Gypsy are uncle and niece both by Gunner. Ellie, Gypsy, and Rimfire are all by Gunner and Yokel is a Double foal. It is cool to compare each batch with each other and other sibs. Historically we will both tell you that the Double and Dude foals are generally the easiest to work on. The Gunner and Colonel foals have a touch more heat and react, but not by much. With that said we can definitely see the mares genetics coming out too. Halter breaking is both one of the funnest things we do and one of the most frustrating. Two left last weekend, Dottie Dee and Wright on Laddie, both went to Northern Idaho into the snow.

We hauled 6 more mares out to the winter pasture and took the 7 riding horses back up to my house, since the studs are in and Dude is not out in their pasture anymore. Hopefully next weekend we will be riding them to get the cows in out of the cornfield to work them. Speaking of that, we also built fence around the cornfields this weekend (mainly Ben and Kicker but I helped a little) and then turned all of the spring cows out on the cornfield. The Hereford bull, “Waffles,” is also out with them. But, he is going to be pulled in soon and go out with the fall Hereford cows.

Toni is headed off Wednesday through Friday to the Washington Cattlemen’s Convention, this week. It is just in the tri – cities, so she is coming home most nights. Our cousin, Leslie, and Toni both are chairs for committees within the WCA and have meetings to head and speakers at the main WCA convention. Toni will also be speaking at the Cattlewomen’s annual convention on Thursday and she has court that day. Toni is the chair of the Water and Ecology section, so there is quite a bit to talk about and learn at her meeting. So I guess that means Wednesday through Friday it is the kids and I that are doing chores.

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