Work hard and dream big

You know what they say, no pain no gain, or is it work hard and dream big, or I never dreamed about success, I worked for it. Whatever it is, the kids have had a busy week working for it, or most of them have.

I have not gotten through the Sagebruch pictures, so the showing pictures are from Summer Sizzle.

Monday Toni let the kids have a SMALL break since they had a long hot weekend. They only had to tie everything up, rinse the cattle, start cleaning out the camper, do some chores, you know, just normal ranch stuff. But, every day they tie everything up, so that is just a normal morning chore. Tuesday the 3 big kids and Addy went to Connell to work on the heifers. Wednesday Toni and mom took the kids swimming at Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom’s house. They got pizza and got to go grocery shopping. Thursday Toni hauled the three big kids and Addy to Connell with the steers and heifer we are taking to the Sagebrush classic. It sounds like for the most part everyone did great. Then the kids stayed home with Ben and Kicker after and helped them check the cows, horses, do chores, get grain, mix grain, feed and water the minis, etc, their normal nightly chores. Also, due to the extreme heat, we have had a few calves sick, so they also helped Ben and Kicker doctor the calves.

Friday Toni took the kids in to help set up for the Sagebrush Classic that started on Saturday. They went in early to beat the heat. They spend the morning setting up for our cattle when they go and helping Alexanders set up panels for the show. The bad news was once they got there, that the loader was gone. The good news was that favorite JayJay brought his skidsteer in and they were able to put out panels that way so it actually got done decently quickly. It was still a hot, dusty, sweaty job. As a thank you, Alexanders took everyone to lunch at Michael Jay’s restaurant in town. Then, in the afternoon they washed the steers and heifer and then went swimming with cousins Pepper and Tesa.

Bright and early Saturday we got the steers and heifers fed and then loaded them up and hauled into the summer sizzle. Saturday was the steer show. Kade got second in his class with Grumpy and 4th with Angus, Grumpy was invited back to the Feeder Steer Class. Anna got third in her class with Bashful and 4th with Snowy, and Bashful was invited back to the feeder steer class, and Kaine was 3rd in his class with both Lyynx and Bodi. Anna was 5th overall in the feeder steer class, so she got some extra money. Toni went home for chores to find Tuffy and her foal, KT One Tuff Jag, out. While putting them back in with Sagebug, Felix got out and ran through the fence. Coco and Toni ended up having to fix fence and sort horses for an extra hour Saturday night. Luckily no animals got hurt during this debacle. One Tuff Jag lived up to her name.

Sunday we were out before dawn, luckily it is only a two day show, because we were not the first ones out there, and McCall makes us get up an hour earlier if someone beats us out. LOL. Sunday we were showmanship first, we had a lot of Peewees in our group, including Jaxsen. They all did wonderful. We also have a lot of Jrs in our group. Kaine showed Bodi and Kade showed Grump, both got to come back for the championship round. Addy was up from CA for a couple of weeks and she showed Nova, and she got to go back. Little Addy with Violet got to go back and Nadia showing BPB (Baby Princess Bell) got to go back. Cousin Pepper got to go back with her steer. I hope I am not missing anyone from our group. Kaine and Bodi got Reserve, but all of the kids showed great. In Intermediates, Anna and Bashful made it back to the championship round and Grace and BPA (Baby Princess Ariel). In Seniors Lane and McKenna both made it back. It is really gratifying to see these kids show and take such an interest in what we do. Jax did show on Sunday, but it was under threat of shark week being turned off. He says it is hard work to show. He actually does an ok job of showing, he just doesn’t seem to enjoy it like the other kids do.

Next we had the heifer show, all of the heifers did wonderfully. BPA, Gamora and Nebula all made it back to the championship round, we had Zsa Zsa, BPA, and Violet who all got second, waiting on call to go back in. The kids all had a great time and it was a great show. After the show was over, we then got to take all of the panels back down, make sure all of the beds were clean (people are responsible to clean their own beds out, but some people don’t), and put the fairgrounds back in order. Leslie and Alan are the responsible ones for the show, but we try to help them so they don’t have to do it all on their own. It went fairly quickly and there was good help to get it done. It was still hot and dusty though. We got home to Tuffy and Jag being out again, so we put them back in the big pasture. Again, Jag lived up to her name and was unhurt, even though they had to go through the fence.

Now back to a normalish summer. That was our last jackpot show, so the three fairs are next on the agenda. With this heat we are still checking the calves as much as possible. Toni is supposed to start focusing back on foal stuff. There are some contracts still not done, hair that needs to be pulled for DNA, new pics to update foal pictures. Things like that. It is still in the triple digits, but if anyone wants to come look at foals, we still have some really nice ones left for sale. We have some people scheduled, but there are some free times if anyone wants to take the tour.

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