The Great Alaskan Cruise

This has been a fun week for Toni, Kicker, Kade and Jaxsen, they spent it on a 7 day cruise to Alaska and just got back. They also got to see some of British Columbia and the Yukon territories on their trip. And now they have a TON or work to catch up. The boys have lots of stories about whale watching, seeing bears, traveling around, riding in a float plane, etc to tell if you want to listen. The trip to Alaska was very exciting, but they are glad to be home. Jaxsen says his favorite part was the whale watching and seeing the whales jump out of the water. Kade says his favorite part was seeing all of the bears, the honey bear in particular. Also, Jaxsen got to see the skull of a short snout bear, which him and Patricia had just been discussing, so he was very excited about that.

Tuesday mom and I took Anna and Kaine down for their dentist and orthodontist appts. Since we had time to kill in-between we bought a bunch of books at the book worm and had a great lunch at Bonefish. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the kids went to Connell to help cousin Leslie halter break heifers. They also helped work the fall calves, move cows, etc. Friday night they stayed at Leslie’s house to wake up early for their steer show on Saturday.

So Friday I put out mineral, checked cows, and did chores, with just the dogs (including the Meacham dogs) since Anna and Kaine had left me.

Saturday Chad came and trimmed horses and mini horses. Then John H. came with his brother Joe and Joe’s kids to get their mares from Gunner’s pen. John also brought Anna a new puppy, a mini Aussie. Also, we sent Baby T home with John. So far everyone is having lots of fun with the puppy, she has ridden in buckets, been packed (since she clearly has no legs), and tried to play with the cats, since they are the only thing her size. Thunder has also been playing with her, but his head is bigger than her entire body, so they don’t do much.

The kids also had a great day Saturday with Jay and McCall. Kaine had grand champion market steer and Anna had reserve. And Anna had Grand champion fitting and showing and Kaine had Reserve. It was a great day for a show. Everyone got to ride in style in Jay’s Peterbuilt, so that adds to the enjoyment of going to these jackpots.

Sunday we took dad and Ben to the Texas Road House and had steaks (since we don’t have those at home). The poor puppy had to stay home all alone. Also on Sunday, Piper had a fancy palomino filly by Dude. When we got home Ben mowed thistles and Russian Olive trees out in the pastures. Kaine, Anna had I hauled Miss Kyra out with Bishop and did chores. And dad took a nap.

Monday Anna and Kaine tied up steers in the morning and then went down to mom and dads. Kaine helped dad work on the suburban for a while, and Anna helped me do chores.


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