Another month gone

Toni has been working on halter breaking Cupid and Major since last Tuesday. Cupid was pretty much halter broke from the start, he just has to work on his patience, which is hard for a young gent. Major is coming along, but is a bit of a challenge. He is a big, pretty colt and seems to think that he can be the boss. Clearly he needs to learn the facts of life. They will be going back out and 2 more foals will come in this week. Major will need to come back in after we spend a week on all of the weaned foals. Cupid still needs to go to his new home, but he doesn’t get to leave until after hunting season. C went to his new how with Darryl on Saturday; Darryl seemed pretty excited to be taking him home.

Anna had her last volleyball game last week. For the last game they played parents (adults). Ben and dad both played. It sounded like a lot of fun. The parents won of course. Dad says that the kids played well, but of course the adults, with all of their years of experience are better. Kaine started archery yesterday, Kade really wanted to do archery too but you have to be in the 4th grade.

Toni, the kids, and I got the Spokane and the two clubby steers in and worked on them. They all did really well for it being some of their second and third times being tied up and Kade’s steer first time. Kaine and Anna were able to lead their steers a bit. All of the steers are fat and look good. Hopefully they stay on track. Spokane is a spring show, but if the winter stays mild the steers should do great and be ready. Kade is showing a steer that he raised out of his cow, so a registered Angus. Kaine got a steer from Leslie that is SUPER cute. Anna is showing a steer from her Grandma Pam that is a fat little tick and cute as cute can be.

Even though the weather has been awesome, we still have to get everything ready for when it turns. We combined the young studs, putting Sagebug back in with Reed and Nicky. Then we pulled Emmy out of Bishop’s pen and put him in with the 3 yearling studs. They have all been getting along really well. We had left Leroy out with two open mares, an outside mare owned by our cousins and Totchie. We decided we really needed to get that pen in and get our horses dewormed as Leroy and Totchie were the last of our horses that we needed to work. Leroy is now back at the house in a pen adjacent to the young studs. He isn’t super happy with us, but that is life. He looks fantastic and stayed very fleshy through the breeding season and in the last couple of months. We finally hauled the last of the mares out to the winter range. That means the mares left at the main house are what we will feed all winter. The majority of those mares are older. Clearly we are not going to put the super old mares out on the winter range. Smoke is 31 and has been with us since her birth, Emmy, Ivy, Peppy, Tuffy, Blackie, Big Mama, and others are either too old or just need special attention so will stay next to the house all winter. Even out in the winter range we keep a close eye on the horses. The weather has really elongated our growing season so there is still plenty of feed for the mares to munch on. Fat and sassy horses are what makes us happiest.

Also, for anyone that has been out in the past year, Kicker, Caleb and Angel got the tree out of the fence. That allowed us to get it back up and the middle pen behind the house usable again. We have plans to completely take that fence out and put something better in, but we have to go in order of priority on fencing. There is just not enough time nor energy to get all of our fencing projects complete.

We were really excited to see Fantasy Stables Board Game’s new expansion pack for Christmas. Shasta and Bliss were featured on one of the cards in the expansion pack. For those of you that haven’t tried the game, our kids LOVE it. The game is available through the Fantasy Stables Board Game website and available on Amazon. They have a Jr. and adult version. Many people know that Swanlund sisters come out every year to take pictures of our foals. They are great people and this game is really starting to take-off. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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